Empty parking spots in the garage

A 10% kickback is way too much, more like 1% is more than enough.

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use your brain do some math please

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What is math? I count in letters.


i dont doubt that

So for every 50mil ship sold the creator should get 5mil?

I say nay, not on the credits part. RP would be a better choice.


I’m just waiting on Rex to throw out some stats on the subject n who’s buying/building. I’m done with giving ideas. Have fun

Build one and get it approved, then tell me if you still feel the same.

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i think 5 mil for 50 mil is a great hand off for more objects that disappear at the end of the season for people to spend money on who wouldnt agree with that???

Don’t need to. And don’t want to. Its your time for your submission, not mine.

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I wouldn’t agree to it.


I slowly get the feeling, its not about the empty spots in the garage, its more about the HWS Traders. If you want “free” money, buy one. If you dont like that people supported the server by buying one, make a thread about this.

If you want to get payed for your ships buy them and sell them at the EGS HQ for more Money.

I´ve build one and i dont want money. I would be okay with 1 RP per sale.


I’ve built one and got it appproved (Won 3rd Place in the Garage Contest) and I still feel like 1% is too much, for the reasons I’ve already stated. I’ve built ships, PvP and PvE, both for the workshop and for my private collection. The satisfaction of winning, seeing your ship in the garage, and hearing what people like/don’t like, is one of my personal favorite parts.


you could get 100% chaotic i bet it hasnt sold once…

Bush, I’m pretty sure that feedback wasn’t neccessary at all and has no meaning to the overall conversation.

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literally a rp slab on hover engines… prly took you a half hour to create

So an RP slab won 3rd place? Seems that someone thought it was great for 3rd.


Thanks Taco :slight_smile:

just shows how many were inspired to create something when a reward was involved

And now you want a reward? I can send you 5 credits, post account number plz.