Empy 7.0 memory usage

Been noticing some ridiculous memory usage after a couple hours, appears with the new patch they introduced a huge memory leak with 7.0. Looking as to why I kept hitting invisible walls on planet last night cause me to check memory usage and some ridiculous wait times when entering a play field, I can only play so much NES while I wait…

Anybody else noticing this?

That is what I was talking about here:

With 7.1 it is massively improved.

But overall again: I was optimistic again to try new features and that was the price.
Splatmaps are meant for SP for now, not MP.
Lessons learned.

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Awesome that they are already on it. Looking at using splat maps, if you didn’t use it they wouldn’t have known about it as an issue a lot sooner. As you know pioneers don’t take the back seat.