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Hey guys,

here we go, Eleon released the results of the survey and even I was surprised… well look them up for yourself:

As you also can see either a lot of people don’t play on HWS or people don’t know about our Autominer but as soon as Eleon implement their version we go again and try their Auto Miner device. I know, I know, don’t cry, but to improve the game we want to give it a chance. Since it will be a device we can’t turn it off like the marketplace anyways.
####So what does this mean regarding your Auto Miner?
Well we gave the Devs our Feedback, our gameplay of our Auto Miner and we will see how it will be at the end. IF it will be similar we turn our Auto Miner off. Sadly our two patches we had in mind won’t come live I guess. The two patches were:

  1. More upgrade levels with better improvements
  2. Only on faction planets you can withdraw the Ores for free

But as you can imagine an Auto Miner Device on PvP… not working. An Auto Miner on PvE… we will see.
So yeah… no hard feelings, just wait and we will decide. We will announce it a bit before what we will do so you can either sell your Auto Miners or / and transfer the Ores to the OCD.

The better repair solution and other stuff is working good for my HWS 4.0 universe concept which I will probably present at the weekend.

Just a quick headsup.
A full wipe is urgent needed. The lags and universe needs to be gone - with HWS 4.0. Soon.


What will happen to our upgrade levels?

Read again:

Yeah let’s test their auto mining device, maybe it will be a simple device to put on sv/hv/cv to collect automatically the nearby deposit/meteorites…hum let’s wait and see ^^

"The better repair solution and other stuff is working good for my HWS 4.0 universe concept which I will probably present at the weekend"

I need to pay Thran to dig a tunnel to Rex’s base to steal his plans/blueprints… mouahahah :smiley: i can feel an orbit/station dedicated to repair vessels with a cost maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait for some spoilers ^^

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Huuuu, sppookyyy :smiley:

Why im shaking in fear every time new feature is going to come in? Are you sure these autominers wont be causing planets to explode or disapper? Im not sure if i can take it to see on map Gold Federation Deleted True :smiley:

Lets hope for the best and back to the roots we go!

This is interesting, hopefully for the best.

If the new universe is mainly PVP then i guess there is more reason for people to mine again without AM making life easy, Plus if it is a device people will be travelling a lot more to try and disrupt the AM. Combine that will a new ‘Repair feature’ this could make for a better gaming experience.

You shouldn’t have the need to horde so much resources as potentially instead of scrapping SV/CV after a fight due to repair duration dramas and then just spawning a new blueprint you can repair so less cost on resources, less need for loads of blueprint spawns and more reason to go looking for a fight.

I’m skeptical about how effective the features will be as there is nothing complex implemented into the game as it stands, we will see i guess :smiley:

It is very obvious from the Eleon survey that the majority of people playing this game seem to be doing so in single-player. They are builders, they want more exploration, conveyors, and all of the things that Space Engineers has! Granted, this game is MUCH more accessible to both single- and multi-players, but I am disappointed in the results of the survey, with the exception of “better/auto repair of blueprinted vessels” I don’t see anything to make our multi-player world a richer game experience.

Clearly, the desires of the Empyrion gaming community are not in line with OUR OWN NEED on HWS for a cleaner interaction between players and factions. Most importantly, I don’t see any priority that will help with the SERIOUS imbalance of SV vs. CV which makes SV/CV battles so disappointing. Perhaps CV shielding (not too far down the list) will allow a shielded CV to hammer attacking SVs pretty good before its shields go down and it folds like a house-of-cards, as they currently do.

Disappointed in the survey results for sure.

Regarding the auto-miner Eleon is proposing, I almost guarantee it will simply be a device that you deploy and return to and pick up the ore. It won’t have nearly the variety and capacity of the current HWS auto-miner, I will bet.

KPA out.

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Kalmorith cant agree more with you. But im already used to this so at least lets be happy about better repair.

I missed the most “chat wont autoclose in middle of sentence” :smiley:

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Hey all,

A bit more info quote from Hummel on offical topic :slight_smile:

" Just for a quick note/clarification:

As it stands NOW (what means details or elements may be still subject to change):

  • The Autominer aka “Automated Mining Device” (AMiD) will be an actual
    placeable device, not a “remote window” like the Marketplace. You need
    to craft it and you need to power it and you may need to defend it in
    more insecure environments…

  • The Autominer is not geared towards making mining a click-and-go, but
    to relieve you from the neccessity to step down in a hole and hold your
    hand drill. It is a quality-of-life device addition.

  • The Autominer will NOT be accessible from the get go, but maybe at level 12 or even 20.

We are still into nailing down the details, so i hope to get you some more infos in the coming weeks.

As an important final note: the AMiD is only ONE first addition to a set
of alternatives that will be added to the global topic of “mining” in
the near future :wink: "