Empyrion 6.5 and big HWS CSW update

Hey @everyone,

finally 6.5 arrived!

With that update we have now as promised the stable version of CSW achieved! With that I mean that your fuel, O2, get transferred, your group names, your signales, etc. Also your ships are now not moved randomly statically.

Please try it out and let us know if everything works as it should!

Check out more in the patch notes since it improved also PvP quite a bit.

Thanks and have fun!

Your HWS Team


Sounds great but already had an internal Error.

Did you click on Auto Group in the Control Panel?
This is currently a MAJOR bug, do NOT click it.

Too late :smiley:

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6.5 kill the game again… come back after some week maybe months )

Given my propensity for screwing things up, this system worked perfectly. Good work.

Fingers crossed that everything actually works… or at least works somewhat.

Well turrets and HV drills t2 are broken. Well they made it good as 6.1 crash spree patch.