Empyrion Accessibility

Good Evening HWS Community
unfortunately tonight a player got banned from our HWS Discord without reason or my approval.
I talked already with the person who did it and it won’t happen again.

Furthermore the topic came up what it means if disabled players (for example PTSD) are trying to enjoy Empyrion on HWS. It should not be a tabu topic I thought.
First of all, everyone who suffers from anything, must know that Empyrion is not designed to be an accessible game. Neither color blindness, nor fear of spider, nor other things, that might hurt those humans, are addressed at all in the game.
Playing Empyrion is totally done at your own risk.
Gameplay wise it also works only at a level of respect and understanding. Nevertheless, it is not a free ticket to mine peacefully in PvP because “I’m disabled”. You can hope for understanding but it is in the first place your job to protect yourself and avoid situations like that to happen.
A blind human also does not just walk on a high traffic streets “because he can” and others will “understand it”.
I hope everyone respects each other and don’t make the life of someone else harder than it is, please keep this in mind.
Both parties should know when to back off/log out and just don’t bother about it anymore.

The topic is probably a tricky one and contact me if situations get out of hand but overall responsibility is asked from everyone here.

Your HWS Team


What I heard had happened (and this is hearsay) was that some… disreputable folks had shot at the disabled individual in question in PVE, which does no damage (and therefore generates no benefit for them) but has a good chance of triggering a panic attack (or whatever the proper term for that is). That’s borderline assault in my opinion. This is not OK to have happen on HWS or anywhere.

I feel people should not need to worry about other peoples mental illness in video games. If the video game triggers the mental illness, it is up to the individual with said mental illness to make the decision to quit playing the video game.

I don’t understand how an individual’s illness gets triggered by the sound of gun fire but that same individual can run POI’s.


Eleon causing seizures with that trippy warp bug is more relevant than this whole post.

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Reminder though, TAW is primarily Ex-Military, so be aware of any possible triggers that it may cause. Hard to believe I’m having to say that TAW might have a trigger warning…

Friendly reminder as well! ABN provides counseling services for all!

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The issue is not and never has been “the sound of gun fire”, for me it is the realization that at the other end of the “gun” is an actual human being. It’s called a disorder because it is in fact DIS ordered.

The unconscious mind is a moron (it can not be reasoned with, argued with or otherwise convinced that it’s wrong about anything) incapable of understanding that no harm can come through pvp. The unconscious throws every switch it can because all it sees is whatever event or series of events occurred decades ago (in my case) happening now to the person I was then from the trauma that was inflicted then. So when the trigger (a term I have deplored for years, but there’s no better expression) occurs, my unconscious defends a 10 year old boy being traumatized, not a 52 year old man in full possession of his faculties. And the active mind, the seat of volition, is often flat powerless because while it’s focused on “breathe, remain calm, now isn’t then” the unconscious is dumping every chemical it can find and screaming “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!”

Most of the working therapy is dedicated to tricking the unconscious but since as I say the unconscious is a moron it’s rather difficult to trick because it’s too stupid to comprehend nuance or even misdirection, it’s very focused. It is dedicated to preserving itself even at the expense of the person. This is the case for all of us, the only reason any of us think we’re in charge of ourselves is our unconscious isn’t freaking out. The disorder develops when a traumatic event gives it so much power that it’s able to overwhelm the rational mind.

So these “triggers” (I still hate that word) don’t necessarily have any connection to reality because the disorder itself isn’t connected to reality.

So I don’t play pvp focused games, but 99% of the time I can play Empyrion. In over 2000 hours of playing this game this has happened precisely 4 times. Four. That three of those events happened since this season started is disturbing. One of those events was my fault because I was careless and didn’t realize I was in pvp space.

And for all that there are several of you telling me basically to bugger off. Well done.


Interesting post from October of last year:

Less than a year ago you enjoyed being shot.

Really we are ex-military? Not sure what you think you know about us perhaps getting educated will help out. TAW has a Structure system to keep everything organized as we have many games we play and yes we do have many people who are actively deployed and ex military however this is not a requirement to be a member. We show our appreciation to those who server our countries and risk their lives so we may have better ones. We accommodate all play styles and types of individuals and have a rule set such as Fair Play, No Cheating, Glitching or Duping which will exclude some of you…However we focus on team work, and having a good time together as a community and that is the bottom line of being a TAW Member.

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Not sure why this turned into a recruitment post about TAW but lets stay on topic, shall we?

Now back to reading boredoftheworld’s post.

Well that’s weird. I STILL enjoy playing here. So what’s your point that I was able to post a general statement last year unconnected with a specific event? Beyond that how dare anyone ever get worse when they’re sick. I mean the cancer wasn’t that bad last year grandma, why are you bedbound now?

[Furthermore, next week I’ll probably say how much fun I’m having in spite of something else.]

Read the one I linked. From October of last year. With an entirely different view. Less than a year ago, not 42 years ago.

Hence why I said TAW is primarily ex-mil.

I agree that in pvp you should be free to shoot at people and the onus should be on the disordered to avoid that area.

Again, from what I heard he was “attacked” in pve space in a way that sounded intentional. That seems to me like either the attacker didn’t believe that bored has PTSD and wanted to “test” him or worse, that they were deliberately doing it BECAUSE he has PTSD. Neither is OK. Going out of your way to harass people should not be allowed on HWS ever.


The majority of TAW EMP is non-military. We have very few veterans.
This thread is disgusting…
You all are using this guy’s mental illness as a joke.


TAW used this thread as a recruitment ad.

I do agree about this thread, though.

Lets get more TAW in here jumping in on ABN Bad and totally bypassing the original topic.


Just trying to give a guy a helping hand. No matter his condition. Cause no one else seems to.

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We LET HIM GO when he was IN PVP because he said he was having some sort of panic attack… please know the whole story before you chime in.


I quoted the statement. Ill do it again.

Key part “even when I get ambushed doing something stupid in BH and lose millions I’m having fun”

Not threatening legal action against someone, “having fun”, 10 months ago.


2020 ftw… lets not try to switch it up when certain ppl use this to push there agenda… for one you don’t know who has gone through worse n deals with it like an adult. Smh…