Empyrion Alpha 6.0 RC 3 | The last one ® | HWS full wipe announcement

Hey @everyone,

here it goes - the one and only last RC :wink:

##With that said we also announce now


Prepare yourself for the last 5.5 joy - a bigger one is coming…

Your HWS Team

Omg after asking the devs in 1.0 for a fill all button, one year later we got it !!!

You’re not fooling me. These changes/fixes look great though so there’s that.

Wait, wipe is this weekend?

Had nothing to say… Its already looks like we wouldnt see 6.0 this year :"D

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ok ok… at least I tried…

I just stop this whole “WIPE MADNESS” and put it short and bloody simple


Just giving you a hard time. I was kind of hoping from what you said that 6.0 would come this weekend. Still optimistic though.

Yeah the update actually said “Welcome to the next-to-last release candidate before we go public”

This implies we still have at least one more release candidate to come after this and before the stable release. I would say stable release won’t be this weekend then, and this isn’t the last RC.

Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.

Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.

I can see someone else has read The Art of Deal by Son Zoo. That one is my second favourite quote.

Soooo thats not the name of that book. Or The Author. Or where that quote is from lol.
I think you might be thinking of the Art of War? (by Sun Tzu)
That quote is from Joyce Meyer, a televangelist.


It’s a slow forum season, you have to make your own fun.

Everything to come looks great for 6.0 thanks for the hard work. The teaser I’m really interested in though is if we can get any info on the 6.0 star map? Is it gonna be the same or different?

When 5.0 hit it took a minute to understand it and even then our faction took a huge hit when we found out the hard way that there were taxes on homeworld space, and it took us a few months (lol) to find out that there were no taxes on the planets only space.

Can we see? If we are going to have it for as long as we have had the 5.0 map or even half as long I bet a lot of people would like to weigh in?

I liked some things about the 4.0 map more than 5.0 map and some things about 5.0 map better than 4.0 map. Like the one central gold planet was amazing for finding pvp in 4.0, and in 5.0 it felt much harder to find people except those who also wanted to find people, but as a pirate I want to find kills and loot, not find pirate-hunters. Origin planets were alright but I think other origins should be able to enter/attack them as well but maybe not live there. As a pirate I don’t care much for running around looting my auto miners, but raiding another planet and looting someone else’s auto miners was so much fun and better, I could do that in 4.0 but not 5.0. I never find anyone’s auto miners in 5.0 except noob pirates putting their stuff on pluto, but I also am hardly ever on pluto since why would I even want to attack other pirates anyways that just makes the guardians and others have more ships and pirates less which means more pirate hunters which I don’t like haha. And you could say that about anyone vs their own origin not just pirates.

Thanks for the feedback Arty!

HWS 6.0 will be a complete new and fresh universe.
Due the fog of war it will take awhile till you know how and why things are aligned that way but you will see - sooner or later.

There will be a Teaser Part IV where - spoiler - I will talk a bit about the universe etc.

However some teaser teaser just for now:

  • the map will not be made public by default*
  • people who leak map screenshots will be put in prison, banned, OCD to level 1, put in prison again and banned forever :wink:
  • taking all the things we learned from HWS 1-5 into it…

Or just let me say the most important thing. In 6.0 your ultimate best friend ist this little rectangle and its content !
There you will find very important information about that system! Spread the word!


My only question about the map is how sadist are you being with the portals for the instances? Please tell me we are not expected to go 100km to find these…