Empyrion Alpha 6.0 RC 4.1 | T-7

Hey @everyone,

another RC and the real sprint to final release…

And of course another Goodie for HWS 6.0:

That is actually a huge one so you have one week to think about.

What you see there are the starter systems… Purple means = one way jump.
Now your decision is to either jump to the middle which is Black Hole and then move on to more valuable / dangerous places or to jump to a safer location instead.

But couple of things to watch out for…

  • you can’t return back to starter systems - as usual
  • Black Hole is still a very risky place… wiping every 24 hours but a high reward is still there
  • Also Black Hole is a one way jump now* … this decision is just for the beginning you have to make
  • Some origins can jump to 3 systems right of the start… keep thinking which one could get this benefit…

One week guys!
Stay tuned for more leaks.

Your HWS Team


Well thats a HUGE teaser indeed. To take the dangerous rich road, or the easy less-rich road… :smiley:

Can you explain that a little better? It currently sounds like if you jump into Black Hole you cannot jump into another system…?

Or is it similar to #5 where you cannot jump backwards from certain systems?

at the bottom of Black Hole you see no arrow… so you can jump in from the starters but only in one direction out (NOT back to the starter systems)… in a more dangerous but more profitable system

To hard. Again.

BH now like start point for running into PvP-systems? What about EM? Could we jump into EM from dat PvP-systems, or only safe-systems got some roads to EM?

Something like that… But some 2 option-ways, create a lot of questions and misunderstandings…

Isn’t that the point thou, this is a teaser after all, its like explaining a joke you just can’t :stuck_out_tongue:


well, the black hole is finally a real black hole. It is like hotel california : you can check out but never leave :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now where does that dotted line SSE head off to? :slight_smile:

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I like it. Going to be great to Pirate in the Black Hole. Ha ha ha

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