Empyrion Alpha 7.1 Patch | HWS 7.1 Patch | Underground Turrets | PDA Guide | HWS Garage | Golden Globe | OP rule

Hey @everyone,

Alpha 7.1 got released with a LOT of awesome fixes (massive RAM optimizations) and a new server setting (see below).

Adé to Underground Turrets (with the coming restart on 5PM)

With 7.1 we activated now the TurretUndergroundCheck: True setting for all HWS Servers. This is a major fix / improvement for PvP after 10 month of bug hunting the “underground base shoots through terrain” bug.

What that setting means now is that all of your turrets except the Sentry Gun are NOT shooting anymore at all.
Technically the info is:

All turrets placed >1 meter below the initial surface are not shooting anymore. This includes also Water.

With the Anti Grief Zone in mind (you can’t drill or explosive damage terrain near enemy bases) you will have now a good meta of more PvP skills rather than “better PC wins”, “less player more PvP” etc. on planets.

Mining turrets, Alien Turrets are also excluded from that rule

HWS PDA Guide up to date

Finally, after all the huzzle the HWS PDA guide is up to date! (if you find still legacy information somewhere, please let me know)

I also started to implement all HWS commands into the PDA so you don’t have to look them up in the webbrowser (even though that is still better).

Some fixes were also made and now the foundation of new missions and more are layed down!
Stay tuned for them after each restart now.

Updated Story POIs

After some feedback my awesome starter POI builder Jumalein refactored them to give you an even better experience:

  • Lawless Prison: highlighted the cell sector numbers. Replaced shutter windows with glass windows to see the terminal number better
  • Freelancer Bar: completely redesigned!
  • Clone Chambers: fixed the misleading F5 drone hint and added the headshot bonus hint

Updated HWS Garage ships + PDFs + new Preview images

@DeeExpus worked hard on two new ships and updated all PDFs, including some new ones!
You have now the P Control Menu available for each ship to give you even more impresssions and decision to buy these ships.

Also remember that the Freelancer have a special ability over the others: they have exclusive Garage ships available to buy on their Freelancer HQ Garage. NO other origin can buy these.

Golden Globe surface wipe

Automatic surface wipes are no more for now but since it is needed we will manually surface wipe Golden Globe on all three servers on Friday the 3th Nov. at 5PM. As always this means:

  • your Bunkers / Bases will be filled with terrain again
  • all Deposits are refreshed
  • all the terrain is refreshed

Offline Protection rule

After some observations we will implement a “new” rule regarding OP:

  • no alternative / family share accounts are allowed to build Bases (private / faction) near another structure complex with an Offline Protection device built in.

We hope you still have a lot of fun enjoying HWS 7 and we are watching closely how to improve everything now step by step like more / better POI, regenerate all POIs, more / better resources, fixing Stargates / PDA missions, etc. etc.

Stay tuned and thanks so far for playing! :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team


2 Possible problems with this if it works exactly as you worded it. 1. If you have to flatten terrain around your base and place a turret where terrain was, then the turret wouldnt work even though its not underground now. 2. If you place a turret above ground and then landfill over it will it then be able to shoot through terrain etc?

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What ground gonna be dat zero-spot for counting? main surface of planet, or dat which we made before placing our Base?


As far as I know, no.

Correct. But to be honest I don’t see the flatten Tool being used on PvP planets a lot. If you want to build a good PvP base you are adapting to the terrain and not vise versa.

Anyways maybe it has some flaws but better that than all the hate, tears and drama about turrets shooting ships from the sky through terrain.

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How long do you expect it will be before the planet wipes will be working again? None of the deposits were large to begin with.