Empyrion Alpha 7.2 | HWS 7.2 | The Sphere 2.0 Event | Daily Loot | Surface Wipes

Hey @everyone,

Today Empyrion Alpha 7.2 got released with a bunch of new stuff and even more fixes:

And so we also patched couple of things for you to enjoy!

The Shpere 2.0 Event

To see if it is possible at all I want to encourage everyone to try the new The Sphere 2.0 POI in Black Hole.
Nobody reported it to me but I knew that some sneaky players tricked their way into the big loot.
So let’s see who is more sneaky now!

For the first guy / team who is able to finish “The Sphere” mission (PDA) they will get 100 RP (split along the team)!

A screenshot of the successful mission is required to claim the loot!

Daily Loot

We improved the counter for the Daily Loot offline job. If you clicked on Daily Loot while you were offline and then joined the server and took longer than 60 seconds to login you probably didn’t get your loot.
We increased the timer now to 120 seconds and if you are faster in game you can force your loot with the command


Stay tuned - a lot more will come in HWS Connect soon!

Surface Wipes

Since one nasty bug got fixed now regarding Anti Grief Zone and SVs we surface wiped all planets in the Homeworld system.
We also automated it now again that a surface wipe will happen there and on Golden Globe every Saturday 5PM (server time)

Have fun guys and stay tuned for more!

Your HWS Team


lol just how tricked their way

RED and A.F.T were the first one who beat the new Sphere!

I learned couple of things how to improve… thanks