Empyrion EXP Patch | Alpha 9.0.2 | Build 2062

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CHANGELOG: Alpha 9.0.2 - Experimental (Build 2062)

Added new type of Entity Spawners: "Static"

these new spawners should behave as if you actually place the NPC in the POI

  • Spawn spawns NPC once

  • No particle effect

  • Will also spawn NPC when structure has no core anymore ie after conquering

  • “Static” can be configured via CP of spawner block

Idea is to be able to create POIs where the player needs to clear a POI completely from enemies even after it has been captured

we recommend using for these static spawners the thin plate and texture it so it is hidden

General Entity Spawner Update:

  • Added dummy model to all spawner blocks so that the spawner blocks can be easily found in Creative mode in a POI

  • Added the possibility to set faction on a per-spawner basis (eg you can place Civilian prisoners in a Zirax prison)

  • Entities that are spawned within a structure are now also saved with this structure (this means when resuming a save game, the NPCs will be at the same position as when leaving game): PLEASE test well

  • Entities spawned in a structure now stay within the structure and a boundary of 5 meters around

  • Updated Talon POIs with static spawners

Faction Changes:

  • No reputation loss if opening container in AI faction POI that is set to 0000

  • Added new trigger levels for some actions, eg when attacking an NPC or opening a container, reputation drops to neutral not unfriendly

  • Updated colors of player faction and admin faction

Other Changes:

  • Increased version nr to 9.0.2

  • Added vessel deco parts:

  • Allow to set blocks to a structure that is regenerate-able in super godmode

  • Updated Localization.csv

  • Implemented that the Logistics window opens when you press ‘Manage’ in CP for fuel or O2

  • Increased HP of Cargo Controller L and Extension L to 500 HP

  • Added proper projectile for Turret HV Rocket (FastRocketGV)

  • Updated dead version for AlienBug01

  • Updated messages with Material Transmitter

  • Added TalonChief and ZiraxCommander NPC

  • Allow for possibility of generating a random system for a scenario

  • Adapted drone base attack on starter planets: only after placing turret (not when base gets powered)

  • Exchanged Troop Transport content: RipperDog instead of Crawler

  • Added new Talon Trader content for all Talon traders in POIs

Volume Balancing:

  • Reduced volumes of ores and ingots

  • Slightly adjusted volumes of (intermediate) components

Re-added Arid planet as a 2nd starter planet:

  • Please double check PDA Robinson Protocol

  • How is start on Arid (too difficult or ok)?

Default Akua-Omicron scenario:

  • Abandoned POI and Artifacts are now Alien Faction

  • No fixed Escape Pod start position anymore

  • Update starting equipment (like in A8)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: When trying to add fuel or oxygen to a vessel’s tank via logistics from another structure a CoQ is triggered

  • Fixed: Fuel / O2 withdrawal from one structure to another loses items

  • Fixed: Problem that some blocks on Tower (story) were missing

  • Fixed: When player uses a Furnace at a POI after setting up an input container a CoQ loop is triggered

  • Fixed: CoQ when opening a Personal Container while PDA action with ‘InventoryOpened’ check is active

  • Fixed: Using the last 4 slots of the PC results in an exception

  • Fixed: Neutral State with Zirax lead to base does not defend vs. Base Attack (now no Base Attack of Zirax if standing Neutral or better)

  • Fixed: Command regenerate / RegenAfter set a NPC faction structure to Public

  • Fixed: Issue with the Detector showing to go in directions where this is nothing to discover.

  • Fixed: Faction base getting changed to public

  • Fixed: Collider on Boarding Ramp

  • Fixed: Problem that in Hard setting no Energy Bar was given and thus Robinson Protocol task could not be fulfilled

  • Fix for regenerate POI and faction getting lost

  • Fixed: PF log exceptions after trying to use Deconstructor

  • Fixed: Reputation getting hostile for some actions (eg killing spider in Talon territory)

  • Fixed: Player is disconnected from a server when trying to take fuel or oxygen from a tank

  • Fixed: Problem that weapons without scope could be zoomed slightly and got stuck

  • Fixed: XP is not given in MP for killing any NPC’s

  • Fixed: Last 2 shapes of container extensions where wrong (temporarily removed)

  • Fixed: potential exception when using console command ‘changemode’

  • Fixed: Scope reflection on pistols