Empyrion EXP Patch | Alpha 9.0 | Build 2049

Main changes

  • Volume/Weight system - not active yet

  • New AI logic / path finding - creating real threats to any bases

  • New NPC Faction Standing / Reputation system - e.g. you can’t talk to NPC Traders if not “Friendly” or “Honored”

  • Logistic System - grab stuff for Constructors from Cargo Boxes and more.

  • For full changelog please click on the link below

Here are some observations around volumes and the “SU” measuring unit:

  • Eleon will get rid of “slots” as a limiting unit, the replacement is “SU” (Standard Units") or kSU (1000 SU), the SU capacity of a container is show in the bottom left, under the slots as “current”/“capacity” i.e. “1000/8000”
    All containers now have 64 slots, but different volume limitations; 8000 for a "CV/BA-block and 125 per SV/HV.block. A large block will fit 64 small blocks; 125 x 64 = 8000

  • SU is a measurement unit of “volume” and assuming that a large (CV/BA) block is 2x2x2 meters, and knowing that one of those blocks holds 8000 SU … that means 1 SU = 1 Litre/Liter, easy enough to relate to. A Cubic Meter is 1000 Liter/SU (With the elegance of the metric system, 1000 litres of water at 4 degree celsius weighs 1 metric ton = 1000 kilograms). One large block is 8 cubic meters, so roughly 8 tons.

  • What the “Container Controller” does, is act as an access point for up to 39 “Container Extensions”. The “Container Controller” has 64 slots and that number will not scale with extra “Container Extensions” added, only the total volume capacity for the “Combined Container” will go up, as shown in the “Container Controller”.
    The max capacity for a “Combined Container” is 320000 SU, which is 39 Extensions + the controller = 40 “boxes”. More “Container Extensions” can be added, but only the first 39 will raise the capacity.

  • It’s not possible to place “Container Controllers” next to each other. It’s possible to combine different “Combined Containers” by bridging them with “Container Extensions”, but the resulting volume capacities of the “Combined Container” are unpredictable and somewhat buggy.

  • It’s still possible to walk up to a container and press “F” to access it, but by default your inventory will be on the right side and the container on the left side (it takes some getting used to). The “drop down” lists of the accessed container (left side) will be disabled when accessing the container directly, but on the right side drop down lists can be used to select other containers to transfer from.

  • The other option is to press F4 and access all vehicles in range and their respective containers. Accessing containers this way will give drop down lists on both the left and the right side, giving the possibilities to move items between any two containers, as long as they’re in range.

  • Here’s a trick i used to rename the containers so they are neatly labeled in the drop down lists:

  • Go in to the “P” menu and rename the cargo boxes Storage A, Storage B and so on
  • Walk up to to the box you want to be named “Storage 1” and put in 1 item of anything (i.e. 1 iron ingot) , do the same with the box you want to call “Storage 2” and so on.
  • Now press F4 and access the box named “Storage A”, note how many iron ingots it has. Go into the P menu and change the name to reflect that number. So if “Storage A” has 2 ingots, rename it “Storage 2” in the P menu … and so on.
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