Empyrion galaxy killer?

looks really promising!

Yeah, interesting indeed.

Many things were cleary watched / optimized from Empyrion and even HWS as I heard about OCD kind of stuff ;D
Never heard their engine: https://unigine.com/en/products/engine but the most important part for me was the netcode. Kind of these games are top or flop regarding netcode. Battlefield 4 needed 1 year till they got their netcode fixed.

Every PvP lagg, duping, exploiting, etc. in Empyrion is caused due bad netcode. So as soon as this got fixed we can move further.

Especially the ability of LUA scripting was very cool (like in factorio). So if this game gonna happen you can except a HWS server there too :smiley:

Looks interesting. I am curious as to how they will balance gameplay as these sorts of ‘build anything’ games tend to have some odd results when it comes to building stuff.

Will keep an eye on it.

Well as they told in the video, people can build deathstars if they want, there is no limit, but it will require big factions to build these big kind of things, and will be an big impact on the universe, but i would presume it will require massivly amount of resources, lets hope for dupe exploit xD haha

It looks really nice and i got for longer an eye on it - but i am not interested anymore since i know that they want to make monthly cost like in WoW. Round about 10,- € per Month. I dont like this kind of games. I would prefer a full price game.

Well from what i have read, it will be an MMO and they are hosting it all, benefits with that is that your progress is saved :stuck_out_tongue: and 10 euro is cheap, i was paying around 2000 dollar monthly for eve online to even keep up with the competition, i am sure they will have some kind of cash shop in this game, which i like very much :wink:

Call me a pesimist but i would like to hear about whats not possible to do also. I heard this nice trailer talking so many times already, no limits, seamless and so on. Empyrion was announced as seamless and its everything but not seamless. The thing is that nothing like no limits is possible. Anyway yes, they seem competent enough to do better job, also someone brought more than one worker to build a house.

I like all that stuff like local market and so, things we are solving/requesting for Empy so its a bit like they are doing well so far. I just hope they wont give me Multitool to repair single ship for 3 days and turrets which will kill it just after ill repair it.

But what will Rexx and Jascha do? There will be one huge “server”…

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2000 dollar a month only for eve ? adope me !


Darn. You should have traded a bit more :slight_smile: I was plexing with in game ISK 4 accounts. Never had to mine. Mostly PVP . What killed me was the “Fatigue” I was in a PVP alliance and got tired of having to deal with moving suppers. Was no longer fun, became like a second job.

Was the same here, I had 5 accounts at one point. Helped manage a big alliance and it became a second job :frowning:

yeah eve online for sure killed my economy :stuck_out_tongue: not worth it buying an mothership then lose it the next day over and over hehe, and i can recommend do not use “iwantisk” casino in eve, it made me from an very rich man to super broke :frowning:

Based on my past luck with “investment” gaming I think I’m gonna cut my losses with Empryion lol. I’ve had my dreams dashed enough, nothing this game can promise that that any other kickstarter video hasn’t promised. Empryion was a kickstarter game as well… Look how that ended up xD

I am looking at other SCI-FI MMOGs at the moment. I don’t want to get dragged back into EVE but everything else is looking to be ‘build anything you want’ or survival shooter.

Elite bored me, SC has lost my interest too and I am back to SP games like Battlefleet Gothic and Borderlands.

I did re-look at the EnB emulator project - might give that a blast as I loved EnB :S