Empyrion + HWS all time high

Good evening @everyone,
just a little announcement that we (HWS) want to thank you so much for being part of this community, playing here, having (hopefully) fun and just enjoying your valuable time.
It means really a lot to us, since for me, time is something neither a donation nor something else can compete with.

7118 players online is the new all time high for Empyrion!

1122 players joined since HWS 8 on HWS NA and 1367 on HWS EU.

Thanks again so much and our goal is to improve HWS and Empyrion even more in the future.

Your HWS Team

Congratulations Rex and great job! - I cant even get on server tonight its so damn popular! :slight_smile:


Ist halt auch der beste Server :wink:

Weiter so Rexxxus!