Encouraging noobs, carebears, cowards and PVE fans to go PVP!

I know what you think :

“Uhh no if i go to homeworld gold farming some freaks will one-shot me with their death star !”

This will not happen as the HWS owner Rex burried “death stars on homeworld” completely with the 6.6. universe update.

Here is how to go :

a) take at least 500 penta with you in your CV. Have an armed drill-hovercraft ready in your factory and some cheap throw-away-SV.
b) warp along all the PVP sectors till you reach homeworld. Directly after you warp into a new sector refill your warp drive and directly go to the sector map, pick the text sector and warp out.
c) when arriving in homeworld sector, fly to a safe spot 20 km or more from the closest homeworld planet. Park your CV there. Set you CV as home just in case if things go wrong.
d) summon a cheap SV from the factory, take full ammo for your armed drill hovercraft with you in your inventory and energy of course
e) land somewhere on homeworld, e.g. A wood for some cover, bookmark this location on your map. Summon your armed hovercraft, board it and fill ammo and enery.
f) drill gold meteroids. You can also try to do the POI on homeworld, they give a nice gold reward, they are fun but difficult as hell even fully equipped. And you need something inside your brain to follow the lever logics there.
g) go back to your SV, fly back to your CV and back to PVE. You will lose the hovercraft and hopefully drilled enough gold to cover the excursion costs hehe xd

If you meet another player he can have a size1 SV or HV, no death star. So chances are even, depending on your build and his build. From my experience most single players run from a good hovercraft tank, so nothing to worry from them.

Weak beeings always band together to overcome strong wolves (it is the same in every survival/MMO game). So homeworld is inhabited by the major factions. You would easily crush each of them in one on one, unfortunately TCH and other loser faction come in a group together with their weakling-guildmates. If this happens… just log out so that they wont get the gold that you have farmed already.
Certainly they will place some turret to kill you on relog, but they will still not get your stuff.


That’s a shitty advice to give.
You can’t invite people to “join us in PVP” and encourage them at the same time to avoid loosing anything if they get killed. People who log out while fighting should be punished. Even when the fight is unfair (and yeah, that happens a lot, it’s boring, but in the same time it gives you good reasons to revenge !)

When i was on starter pirate planet, most of the people where logging out while fighting. That was awful.
I killed maybe a dozen of people before leaving the starter area, and got killed and robbed by others maybe 2 times. That WAS FUN.
Like you said, people can’t get stuck if they ALWAYS HAVE a few CV/SV/HV ready to spawn in their blueprint factory.

Of course you’ll sometimes loose things in PVP, but PVP is far easier that people thinks, because you’ll loose only what you DECIDED to bring there, and you can easily find 3 times what you loose in a battle by raiding a POI one hour later…

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Well in general you are right, but i encountered the would-be Pkers from ACE on homeworld.

Empyrion dictionary : “ACE is translated as -average character elemination- and is a faction from HWS EU, living on homeworld, avoiding one-on-one and needs at least 5 ACE members to win a fight. Tendency at the moment towards 6-7 players to win a fight”

So they dont fight fair, why should i do ?

Minimizing risk is maximizing profit. Ask Nikola Tesla about that strategy :smiley:


Ok after one season on HWS as a carebear-PVP-player (i have a base in PVE but spent my time in PVP to tease skill-free-would-be-alpha-factions like TCH, ACE and so on) i would suggest the following :

  • never go into PVP without replacement SV/CV in your factory
  • park your CV in an orbit above one of the three gold planets
  • you can mine gold asteroids, but meteroids on the planet surface are more effective
  • always watch your minimap when gold mining ! AFK is ok for balls-free PVE Mimimi- games or minecraft but deadly on HWS
  • i would recommmd to mine gold on Golden Globe. There are two other planets with gold meteroids. New Berlin is a lava planet full of holes, its simply the pest moving around, you have no sight and wll die shortly after disembarking your vessel. On homeworld there are not many gold meteroids, sometimes none at all, it seems the respawn is not working correctly
  • if you are mining gold asteroids make sure you do it in a strong battleship with all weapons orientated into just one direction (maximum firepower for CV vs CV)
  • if you land on Golden Globe do not try to build a bridgehead with bases ! Bases can be taken out easily solo by every average griefer-pirate in his SV. At the moment (6.7) bases are completely broken for PVP
  • land with a cheap SV. Why ? Because the griefer pirates will search your SV first as soon as they detect you and destroy a main part like reactor or tank. If they later jump your HV and you try to head back to your SV you do not notice immediatelly that this vessel is out… giving the griefer-pirate more time tol kill you
  • dont take any valuables with you to golden globe
  • dont forget to set your CV in orbit as “home”
  • have a strong hovercraft drill tank ready. Why not a cheap one ? Because you avoid auto-loss in PVP. With a strong tank you can not only drill gold, but also kill other gold diggers (and steal their gold) and even fight the griefer-pirates in their exploiter-SV. In general their exploiter-SV are by far too fast and agile for a hit, but with good HV movement in your tank you may land a lucky shot and put the pirate’s griefing to an end :slight_smile:
  • if things go wrong (your HV severely damaged) just log out and come back a few hours later. Its not worth losing the mined gold. You are not a coward as you risk a lot while the griefer-pirate risks nothing, so just ignore his comments
  • maybe he is placing a base where you logged out, but from my experience these guys are too lazy to do that. When you log back in just spawn a SV from the factory and head back to your CV
  • your tank hovercraft is always calculated as loss, but fun & gold is certainly worth this

Pro tip! Stop giving advice lmao! Telling people to combat log! Best advice I’ve ever heard man! Hahahaha


Thank you.

Best tip for everyone who wants a fat bank account bow :upside_down_face:

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Something tells me this advice is not working so great for you thus far. Perhaps stop slinging insults at other players disguised as advice, and just play the game.



Works as good as possible. As the gold planets are infested by our beloved alpha factions in their size 4+ griefer SV/HV the gold output from mining is of course quite limited.

All these guys with the “WTF ! I easily farm 76 million in 1 hour on golden globe ! Muhaha” are either drunk, liars, both, or members of these alpha factions.

Dude I dont even need to say anything new here. Your quotes speak volumes.

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Perhaps visiting me on Golden Globe instead of hiding in Peacekeepers ?

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Some additional advise for Golden Globe diggers :

  • some of the pirate-griefers on Goldem Globe can not accept their failure and place a hovercraft or base exactly at the place where you logged out. You can easily counter that loser-strategy by having stored some big walls in the factory. You always have a few seconds after logging in till the enemy faction hovercraft starts firing, just place a wall from your factory between yourself and the enemy vessel quickly. Then summon a SV, go in and leave the planet in the cover of your wall. Very successful to make the pirate-griefers angry is also to rename your wall into “Winter is coming. Yours night king” or “Trump was here”.
    This for sure garantuees you a few new friends on HWS.

  • as an alternative you can of course wait many hours, very often the hovercraft has been destroyed till then by other gold diggers. But in general you will be attacked by the alpha faction currently claiming Golden Globe as personal property. These are neither strong nor intelligent, but they are MANY. So better choose the strategy above.

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I would but you’d probably just log out.
Oh, and I am on a different server from you, and have lived on Golden Globe since before you started on this server.

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