End of newbie support from LoT

Continuing the discussion from First 6.X starter wipe delayed:

Ok so I understand that it is frustrating to see high core counts in starters, particularly when it is reached less than a week after launch. But after being repeatedly mentioned that the real problem was

I have decided that LoT will officially and permanently suspend their new player assistance role. The free farm that I set up in inception space will be packed up asap, and no further aid will be offered to players without in game monetary compensation.

End of thread.

Setting it as Off Topic might fit.

I see the irony and sarcasm where none exist.
To repeat:

nasty veteran campers

veterans camping there.
camping / stealing beginner the resources away / afraid of jumping to PEACEkeepers

I didn’t mention

nasty veterans helping

helping noobs

Anyways. It’s history and the amount of structures in the orbit was lowered by 40, so noobs could move out. It was a success. Whoever was called.