End of season RP to credits

@RexXxuS some of us were chatting about the RP to credit conversion at the end of season. It was mentioned that you used to get paid on both NA and EU. The past couple of seasons it’s been noted that the payout hasn’t occurred on both servers. Is this an intentional change? Or could it be a side effect of removing the rp loss from cb:reset? (Or am I misrembering that?)

It’s stilll there. You just need to have logged into other server with CSW.


thanks for mentioning that.
Actually that would be a dupe/exploit and not good.
I will prevent that for this wipe.

Sad that no one mentioned it before.

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Hello @Shojis

if you look in detail, you realize the other server should not have your RP in the first place to convert anything.

Hence it got “abused” the whole time :scream_cat: :disappointed:

Thanks for the clarification guys. Helps me plan better for end of season and start of next :wink: