Enemy base inside alien bunker


The golden planet is taken by an alliance with multile factions. The problem is that they built a base inside an alien bunker…which is undistructable. Also, they have hidden weapons under the ground which can shoot but are hard to be seen. I know that there is a rule that forbids that. So what can be done the balance things out? Maybe a huge ban?

What server?
What faction?
Pictures ?
Video ?

Then you can talk to Apona or some other admin

For the pictures/video best including the date.

If its underground turrets you want to see you can visit REDs bases there right now. On the ridge around the bunker - underground turrets only, none above ground.

Yes, its RED faction. I think allied with AAA . I made a lot of screenshots but haven’t saved in the “Screenshots” folder…don’t know why :frowning: underground turrets, base inside alien bunker…I digged around the entire bunker, could not get inside.

It is HWS Europe server, RED and AAA factions. I’ll make some photos next time I’ll go there. Admin, can you get over there, please? Have a quick check.

Leaving the underground turrents out, I just want to find out how they got inside the Alien bunker (it requires a password to enter) and if it is legal.

Hey Vlad,

I checked Golden Globe.

I don’t know 100% what “Alien Bunker” you mean but neither the EGS Bunker nor the Capture the Base is filled with illegale bases or anything.

If you are in the game just press F7 and screenshots are saved automatically in your empyrion saves folder.

Vlad - that bunker is a paid-for feature bought by TCH faction and is meant to be indestructible. It is big enough to store a few ships inside. This is likely to what you are referring.

Also - AAA aren’t allied with RED.

Aaaa ok, got it. But still, they had underground turrets (REDs). Either way, my biggest dilemma was the bunker :)) Thanks for explaining.

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AAA and RED?

   Oil and water dont mix.  🤺

Yeah, I said it was a mistake…don’t remember exactly because it was like 8-9 days ago :slight_smile: you are missing the main point.
Are there any other bunkers like that on planets? How much donation for this kind of advantage? $ / month?

Atm on Homeworld and Golden Globe.

This is not a donation, it is an ingame feature “EGS Bunker”. First come, first serve. 25 million credits cost.

:joy::rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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