Energy Saving Config Setup

Hello all,

Can someone write a step by step guide to creating a shortcut preset for my CV.

  1. how to set it up for logging off and keeping the grow lights on whilst maximising the energy life

  2. Same as the above but with thrusters so I can travel

  3. shortcut for combat that activates all combat features and turns off everything else

Every time I try to set up a device preset, it doesn’t seem to work because I don’t know what I’m doing. Then once I have created one, I can’t seem to edit or change it. I end up with the glow lamps on, but O2 and gravity off and 1 turret on etc… Seems to be no logic and it’s frustrating me… Please advise!


Go to the devices window

Click Autogroup

Now change groups like you wish, for examples all my thrusters and RCS except front thrusters are inside a group I named “propulsion” for all my vessels.

Select the group you created, notice on the right windows you can assign a shortcut to the main windows with buttons named Custom1, Custom2, ect

Assign your newly created group to Custom1, you can rename Custom1 to whatever you want.

You should have a group named lights, look for grow lights inside this group and remove them, now assign a shortcut for light on a custom button, name it lights :D.

If you want to be able to travel with your CV with minimal fuel consumption in space, you must group Front thrusters and assign a shortcut on the main windows for this group. In my setup I named it “Cruise”. It must be turned off when moving.

You must check devices power input, some deco items will draw 1kW while others won’t (one shower draws power, the other don’t)

If you have drills on your CV, it’s really important you keep them unpowered when you aren’t mining (each turret has 1 MW power input !!!)
Find the harvest group in the devices windows, assign a shortcut for this group on the main windows.


Thank you! Do you have experience getting motion sensors linked to doors and lights linked to motion sensors to save energy etc?

Yes, you can create a custom signal on the main windows to control devices, you can open/close doors, activate ramps and lights BUT you can’t have doors stay closed if you get close they will open, it’s "hardcoded"
If you want lights controlled by motion sensor:
Put a motion sensor where you want the trigger to happen, in your hangar for example, select the motion sensor and change the area of detection, change the signal name to whatever your want, now find the devices you want to control, go to signal logic windows, you’ll see you can assign a signal to open/close if you select follow signal lights will go off when outside area of detection and on when inside.
You can make very fun shit with signal logic, I made bombs, proxy mines, trap bases, surprise explosive boxes, auto destruction of your structures, retractable “landing gears” with ramps, etc…


Good to see some one else who loves the signal logic :smiley:

Maybe you can create a poi for the server if you ever have time :grin:

Not create from scratch but take a really nice looking workshop item and smash an admin core in it and fill it with loads of signals and puzzles… The more complex the better lol

Take a look at this guy

for an easy example. I take a motion sensor on the warp sled, and turn off all of the thrusters whenever anyone is in the cockpit, standing up. So I dont cook myself :slight_smile:
I also take the same idea in the cv farm in that collection, and give a kill switch to manuall turn off all thrusters and RCS either on motion inside, or when the killswitch is activated. That way fuel in the farm lasts as long as possible.

I didn’t try it, you say the motion sensor doesn’t detect players in seats and cockpits? I’m going to add that safety on my corvette right now.