Epic Battles Abound

I was minding my own business mining some gold on Golden Globe when the call came out of hostile forces landing on the surface. A quick recon and a couple Op4 enemies were spotted near the TAW base. Ships were scrambled and a couple brave TAW and ACP pilots responded.

Over the next hour and half the battle escalated on the ground with numerous HV and SVs joining the fight from TAW, ACP, and HPG on one side and OP4, TCO, TPP, and NFA on the other. The battle saw many shifts in the front line.

Initially OP4 pushed up to the TAW base but were driven back with superior firepower (aka more vessels) to their forward base. Several turrets were popped before OP4 and company pushed back. During the ensuing fighting OP4s Colin2Cold and ACPs TheRaven took hits to their vessels rendering them immobile.

OP4 and Company were able to mass several vessels and push TAW/ACP back to the TAW base. Braving incoming fire TAW Dreadstar pushed out their current position and mounted several turrets in no mans land. Using the turrets in conjunction with ACP/HPG holding the line and pushing the OP4 new forward base they were able to strip the enemy base and push the attackers off the TAW forward base.

The line became a stalemate as TAW/ACP/HPG didn’t have enough forces to push the combined might of TPP/NFA/TCO/OP4 back. This was because TAW had kept several of their pilots in space and ACP/HPG were mounting a counteroffensive on Homeworld.

For a good thirty minutes the stalemate went back and forth on Golden Globe. The TAW pilots in space made a startling discovery while bringing supplies from their home planet Stella Mortis. A OP4 supply carrier was idling above the planet with no guardians.

While the TAW pilots dismantled the carrier and the supply SV and garage ship inside it was decided that ACP/HPG/TAW pilots on Golden Globe would pull back to the TAW front line and keep OP4 and company busy while not sacrificing much HP in return only poking to keep them interested. The entire time a small contingent of ACP/HPG pilots were still assaulting Homeworld and the TCO/OP4 positions there.

A short while later OP4 went for ressupply to find TAW in the middle of the junking of their supply carrier. OP4 initiating the scuttling (lame) of the carrier TAW quickly recovered the supply SV and garage ship and made their escape.

TAW Rop quickly went to space to keep the OP4 attackers there while TAW Dreadstar made for his stealth class 1 CV in deep space. Warping out and back in he engaged an OP4 CV (Copperhead) and several TCO fighters.

After a small exchange in firepower the Copperhead pulled back while a NFA CV joined the fight. Knowing they were outgunned TAW Dreadstar and Rop ran a delaying action while more TAW CVs scrambled. Warping out TAW Dreadstar joined TAW Kain in another Class 1 Pack Hunter in Homeworld and they jumped in together to rejoin Rop in his trusty Hazardemption fighter who was still keeping tabs on the enemy space force.

At this time the HPG/ACP raiding party from Homeworld returned home and started to hatch a plan to counter attack the enemy position from behind on Golden Globe. Soon the battle escalated as OP4 Colin2Cold joined in a CV in a pitched 2 TAW v 3 OP4/NFA CV fight in space along with 1 TAW v 2-3 TCO Fighters.

Scrambling for backup TAW Subjected came with another Class 1 Pack Hunter from Stella Mortis to join the fight and even the numbers somewhat. As TAW Subjected was jumping in TAW Kain took a blow to his cabin and had not put on a EVA. Starting to freeze he jumped to Homeworld bound for Stella and warmer pastures.

Again 3v2 the TAW class 1 pack hunters brawled with the Op4 forces over the golden disc floating through the Black Hole. They knew it was only a matter of time before allied forces would arrive with heavier CVs.

Another enemy CV showed up and things were looking dire for the good guys! Lucky enough TAW Abrum jumped in with his trusty PvE/PvP Mammoth CV and ACPs Serious Squirrel with his Heavy Dreadnought the Winch.

The pitched fight was starting to get out of hand but the server was holding. Soon though the NFA CV dissapeared not sure if they disengaged because of the numbers or if they had lost the fight with no way to track a friendly pilot back to the battle.

As the enemy forces started to take heavy fire from the allied forces another ACP heavy Dreadnought joined the fight as ACP’s Boooyah landed on the field quickly followed by another ACP heavy Dreadnought. With more CVs finally the Allies looked to have the upperhand.

Another OP4 CV joined the fight the Nemesis. Sadly the battle was cut short with OP4/TCO/NFA fleeing the battlefield leaving the combined might of the TAW and ACP capital fleet to enjoy their spoils.

Meanwhile down on Golden Globe the Homeworld raiding party had deployed a forward base and were moping up the last few attackers on the surface.

To be continued…

(This was told from my viewpoint and with obvious bias for flare.)

edit - I can’t speak for the others but my CV lost some armor on the front pod and my first row of triangles on the nose. Took off 4 guns on the forward area. Outside of that minor damage that will be fixed. Kain got his door popped off with minor damage before he pulled out.

Poor RoP though was in my Hazardemption which had already taken some damage during the ground assault previous. He flew it through the entire fight from start to finish with no ability to warp out for a breather. He flew it home to Stella but sadly its going to the recycle graveyard. It did well in the delaying action when it was in the fight all alone against a couple CVs and a few SVs while I met up with Kain to warp back in together.

All other allied forces took minor damage.