Epic Reforgery

Hello again adventurers! Yes it has been a long while since our last communication. My apologies for not fixing the comms array until now. It has been a marvelous journey these past few seasons. Lots of excitement, adventure, action, and even heartbreak.

We recently discovered a rift that looks to be an entirely new universe to explore and plunder. It was a rocky start but I have found a way to establish communications again. Stay tuned for more adventures through the oddverse!


This universe is vastly different from anything we have been through. Many stumbles and bumbles so far. I would have more screenshots of peril but it seems that RNG decided to rapid fire several at me today. It was like trying to capture screenshots of a tsunami while respawning in the middle of it. Needless to say I did get a few good scars to remind me what not to do again :wink:

Started off in Freelancer Hard mode on Pandora. After after what seemed like an eternity of Jurassic Death, I figured a cb:reset would make for much less monotonous journal entries. I figured it was time to forget everything I know and start the easy route on Haven. I quickly realised the superhuman carry weight is truly a gift from the gods. While having a base of operations early on is a need, I discovered being as mobile as possible will save time. Zip got a bit of an upgrade. He has been very handy.

Mo comes back in full force as expected. He just loves to see all his star struck fans.

Haven planet is very nice. Can’t wait to start exploring the stars.

The sniper rifle is very nice to kill from a distance. This guy had no idea he was getting shot. Hosting a steak party this weekend…

Zip has been a tremendous help! Can be modded for several specialised needs. This is a combo lawnmower & XP gatherer :slight_smile:

Discovered twin POIs just south of the Polaris Sanctuary. Felt like a good spot to plant a flag. Home base built, time to see what’s inside…

So after many many deaths Zip when through another modification. This is the spawn & loot version :wink:

After mopping up both POIs, I was able to craft a decent suit of armor. Lots of misfortune in the beginning but so far this is turning out to be a very decent survival experience.


So the server decide to shut down shortly after returning home from devouring another POI. Joined in about 2km back where the POI was. Infinite jetpack lag was helpful getting me home quicker :wink:

Need something to explore the sector around me so I created a new modular SV for exploring the unknown. Say hello to the Lil Dipper.

I’ll give u a peek under the hood :wink:

Home base is going well. Need to add an advanced constructor but missing a few key elements.

Headed out to the Sanctuary to sell my collection of drugs. They had a decent stock of much needed neo.

Discovered the upgrade tool works with connected containers. Now we have an advanced constructor :slight_smile:

Found a very nice trade station in space. This guy was a little unpleasant though. I think i can handle his rules though :wink:

2 moons in this sector completely overrun with Zirax infestations. Got a little too close the an anti-aircraft but was lucky enough to get away barely damaged. Pro Tip 99: When a POI has “Warning” in the name, stay clear if ur defenseless. Need to get some extra firepower before heading back. I added a few mechanical drills to Lil Dipper before heading out. She chewed through asteroids very nicely :slight_smile:

After collecting some much needed cobalt I was able to get enough resources to upgrade a few guns. Mo is loving his new skin :slight_smile:

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Ha ha, I love it! Thanks for sharing man.