Epic suite ocd stuff lost

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What happened:
=> i asked stuff from ocd , but when arriving i couldnt put them in my backpack , so i dropped it on the ground , also the other stuff allready i dropped , i thought when its totally empty , maybe that fix the problem , but ofc the items dissapear after a few minutes , after 10 minutes i noticed it was my fault because earlier i put my epic suit in repair station

Player(s) with issue:
=> area51

=> 15053

Time (cb:time):
=> prox 21h

=> Prospero

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> iā€™m counting on your good will to transfer the items back in inventory , i only ask because it are very expensive items , if not possible i understand , its my own fault :frowning:

magnesium 190050
raw diamonds 137
autominer cores 112
epic drill 1
epic assault weapon 1
Refined pentaxid 23404

Hello @area51

we try always to handle everything with good will but need to check what was going on nevertheless.
In your case I can not check everything because we have no logs of dropped stuff on the ground.
So I can only check some timestamps of your backpack backups combined with those useful screenshots.
Nice that you had time to make those.

The reason is hopefully clear: the Volume exceeded and this situation could have been circumvented by pressing F4 before and link your inventory with a WiFi Container.

Anyways, I restored what I could gather from all sides.
Have fun.

ok thx RexXxus

yeah f4 at the time i didnt realized what happened , what the cause was
i paniced hehe

grtz and thx
lesson learned

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