Error when clicking on the server config



Please update your tool


tried to download tht tool and got this



Thank you, swear that I am not that noob… :smiley: So I updated the tool and I am seeing the same behavior


Make sure your dedicated.yaml is up to date. most of the GameConfig moved out of there with A5.
Compare it to the default Dedicated.yaml

This is the only thing that is allowed in the GameConfig-Area:

In your Error Message it mentions “MaxStructures” is not a valid property in that yaml. And it isn’t. Obviously you are using an older version of that yaml. Just remove all the invalid propertys.


Thank you for that info, yeah it was using an old function but the odd thing is it wasn’t in that section you mentioned… I just found the offending thing and removed it as you suggested. Thank you so much for your work on this tool, 100% amazing!


Glad to hear, Thanks for the report.