Error when trying to Publish Blueprint to Steam Workshop

This is not so much a HWS Empyrion question but a technical issue with Steam Workshop.
I am curious if anyone has encountered my issue and if so, have they found a solution?
I have already sent an email to Eleon but I am not holding my breath for a reply.
Searched for a Support email for Steam Help Desk but all I found was a Community Forum that didn’t reply to my post. lol :smiley:

So I come to you my trusted friends here on HWS Empyrion.
Anyway, in regards to this error.
I have deleted over 60 percent of my old Blueprints from the Steam Workshop.
Reinstalled Windows, verified the integrity of Empyrion and re-installed the Steam client.

But every time I try and save my Empyrion Blueprints to the Steam Workshop.

I receive the following error message.
Steam Workshop Reports: Data Transmission Failed, Error: ‘Limit Exceeded’, - Please try again later.

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as a shot in the dark … do you have a ton of screenshots uploaded as well? I think there’s around a 20gig limit on your “cloud drive”. If it is near limit you may be running into a weird criss cross issue.


from I’m seeing on steam forums, there is a size limit of 1mb. how big is the blueprint?

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Yes, I do upload screenshots onto Steam from multiple games.
However I haven’t received an error messages each time the gallery was uploaded since I started experiencing the issue.


The blueprints have been many and varied both in size and even old ones which have previously worked.
No matter if it’s SV, CV or even HV I get the same type of error.

Thanks for you two trying though.
I appreciate it. :slight_smile: