Esamir Sanctuary

I have a row of furnances … when trying to add more, x2 disappeared when trying to add more furnances to the others. Those furnances had full amounts or near full amounts of raw sathium and/or iron. I think one had iron and the other had sathium based on what ive been trying to change to ignots.

Any assistance is appreciated, thank you.

Playfield: Esamir
Base: Logan’s Retreat ID: 23017

Sounds like you hit structural integrity issues. Were you placing them on a block? or straight onto the ground off the other furnaces

I was placing partially in the ground connect to another furnance

I believe 1 was just under, and the other wasnt under ground…

If you loose them to SI backpacks with the resources should fall on the ground thou? you shouldn’t be loosing anything

nope. Structural integrity destroys without boxes. Only individual destruction drops boxes.

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I dont think it was structural integrity though, it was already spawned and smelting ignots, it was when trying to connect another one in, and it was touching the ground which should give it structural integrity.

Not always, normally you have to build from the ground up if you build downwards it doesn’t always register the terrain.

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