ETA on OCD for PVE server?

Is there an ETA on the OCD on the website for the PVE server?

Also I miss my donation status on the PVE server

ocd is working only not website , so you need to find the order you put stuff in and get out,

for example
ocd:put:1 = fusion cells ocd slot 1 will be the fusion cells so ocd:get:1 will give you the fusioncells

etz… , and yes very happy if it will be website or ingame (work in progress)

I know it’s working ingame but thanks for the inform.

Actually getting to 20 was a lot harder without ocd/donation packages. But I made it without dying because that server doesn’t really lag like the other one. So staying alive is waaaaaay easier.

Also noticed that not all hws autominers have been enabled for PVE. Can’t buy prom, za, ere, etc. autominers.

Everything resolved.

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