Etiquette amongst Hunters?


So while I’m not a BH, I do love the concept of being paid to shoot things instead of losing money or being universally hated by everyone for shooting people. That said, I think it’s kinda important for the future of Hunters to work out a code of conduct for bounties, so that you end up continuing to acquire new contracts without any hard feelings to those you just blew up. I noted that when STH were doing their contract the dudes they were fighting against were pretty pissed. I think it should be clear upfront that a bounty contract isn’t personal, and that BH should never just shoot people without a reason (otherwise how do they differ from pirates?). Also figure out if you’re allowed to take contracts against other bounty hunters, since it’s not clear in the story if that is something you can do.

Sth is actually working on a bounty contact with disclaimer that will be copy pasted for all to see, with confidential information redacted of course.

The nwd guys that we took out was actually beyond our contract details, our contract was to get them to move, and they were given various friendly requests, stern recommendations, and finally when we did a show of presence (cant say we showed force, it was a couple sv’s), one of their members initiated the attack on us. We just finished it.

We had offered to help them move, resources, transport, etc.

So Fenra…I’m gonna have to bust your balls here man…buckle up. BTW, it’s not personal, it’s just business. :wink:

So while I’m not a BH, [/quote]

…and we’re done here. :slight_smile:

Are you French? Did you come from PVE server? Come on man, hard feelings, seriously? This is PVP and survival; it’s part of the game. This isn’t some Pokémon care bear support group. People gotta realize BH’s and Pirates are gonna blow your stuff up. If they get mad, that’s their own immaturity. They can always camp on a PVE planet…like someone else I know. :wink:

OK so they’re pissed, it happens when you attack someone first and then get your stuff blown up afterwards. Welcome to PVP. Also, did you know they were also pissed at their own teammate, so much so they kicked him from the faction? Should we hug it out with them? Fenra, you don’t know the whole story behind this so I would leave this one alone. We follow the rules.

So let me get this clear: you want factions to sit down with other factions over a nice cup of tea and discuss that our hostile actions are not in any way personal and meant to hurt their feelings? You’re a high school guidance counselor aren’t you? :wink:

Why not be personal? After all, most bounties ARE exactly THAT. Because someone did something to someone else and they want them or their stuff gone. Don’t confuse “personal in game character” with “personal in real life”. Again, if they can’t separate fantasy game from reality, they need therapy and medication. Maybe you could set up a support forum for them; call it “Fenra’s Feelings and Fantasy Warm Fuzzy Group” :smiley:

Don’t make this complicated. Follow the rules. It’s easy.

Sigh. Bounty = ANYTHING or ANYONE. If it causes problems then the community or other faction will retaliate and remedy the situation. We don’t need/want a rule for EVERYTHING, who want’s a scripted, rule heavy game? The server admins will be buried in complaints and rule breakers…that’s no fun. A few rules, use some common sense, and let the server community figure out the rest OR bring their own justice to those people feel are doing something stupid. Unless they’re hacking or cheating, I say let the community govern and only if needed the Admins can step in when there is an egregious problem disrupting the enjoyment of the majority of the gamers.

In closing, this wasn’t a personal attack or reply, it was meant in love, respect and warm puppy dog snuggles and butterfly kisses. :smiley: With deepest emotion, Jello

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In all seriousness, i would like to know how everyone feels about bounties, should they be kept discreet, or announced openly? I have some opinions on both:

Keeping it discreet:

This can potentially realise the fear that Fenra was trying to express, and allow bounty hunters to openly pirate by claiming they have a bounty contract. However, it won’t openly warn their mark.

Openly announcing bounties:

Keeps the bounty hunters honest about who they hit, but also warns their mark, making the bounty hunter’s job infinately harder with the current limitations of the game.

So, i have a proposed solution, please let me know what you think:

Have a sticky post that (not sure if these message boards support this) that all replies to it are anonymous. This sticky post could be for open bounties. Those that post the bounty set the price for completion and a screenshot concludes the deal. Bounty hunter sets up a buy order or sell order for payment.

Anything with special needs or attention, can be taken up with bounty hunting group of choice, and upon completion, if the victom or community challenges the legitimacy of the bounty, the bounty Hunter must provide proof to a liason for the bounty hunter community.

For a liason, they would need to be able to post the information to the community in a way that does not incriminate the client. I feel that a member of an alliance faction would be ideal for this role, as it fits the alliance storyline.

As for limitations and repercussions so we aren’t researching every bounty contract:

Limitations: 3 challenges per week, challenge must be posted in the alliance forum, with the accusation and legitimate reason by the original poster, then seconded and thirded by others.

Repercutions: if the bounty is deemed illegal, a vote to jail all involved (but not the entire faction unless all where involved), unless suitable compensation is met.

If the bounty is deemed legal, the accused bounty faction may call for compensation of full value of the bounty contract, or a vote to jail time for the accusers.

The alliance members overseeing each proceeding will be empowered to use their discretion in what is fair, but this way, like jello pointed out, it allows the community to govern themselves without making admins babysit us. They would only need to do what the outcome is needed for.

I wasn’t even so much suggesting that it’s formalized as a rule per se, but just something that will help you build reputation that you’re actually fulfilling bounties and not attacking at will (wasn’t even implying that was the case, but I can totally see this happening with other people). I think of them more as “guidelines” :slight_smile:

I do not think you need to announce your bounties, that just seems silly and would drive your quarry underground. I do think it’s fair and polite to state who was your client, unless your client wants to remain anonymous in which you could charge a fee to keep it discreet (for sake of proof you might give out which faction group it is, alliance/pirate/trader/etc…). I’m not a bounty hunter by any means nor do I wish to be that involved with this, I’m just throwing out the suggestion, do what you will with it.

You guys will get more business if you keep bounties secret.

Maybe have a member who handles contracts, that we all know, so we can ask him about jobs or prices?

I’ve been thinking about using some spare cash to give you guys some work, but I have no idea who to contact, lol.

For STH, our contact is Jiroh, we just haven’t gotten around to making it an official announcement yet

A bounty board is actually better than private bounties. The private part comes in when you contact the person who offered the contract to claim the bounty with proof.

A bounty board would be a nice addition, but not all employers want to be known, for purposes of repercussion, etc

[quote=“Duke”]You guys will get more business if you keep bounties secret.

Maybe have a member who handles contracts, that we all know, so we can ask him about jobs or prices?

I’ve been thinking about using some spare cash to give you guys some work, but I have no idea who to contact, lol.[/quote]
Aren’t you on UK? STH mainly operates in the US realm, although ofc it can go both ways.

We were hoping that once we went full swing, we could operate in both servers.