Eton REWORK - RP for Ally

I think it become tome for rework CTB event.
Since several factions in the Alliance are constantly fighting on the planet, the reward should also be given to each faction in the Alliance.
I agree that in this case the reward for the event needs to be slightly smaller but should be charged to everyone in the Alliance.
In event there is a strong limitation on the number of Alliance ships, so why the award is given to only one faction, that’s not right.

I think that would be fair.
Alliances are very active now.
More people - more battles.


Lul soo we all getting participation trophies/rewards!?

  • I like it

The whole server could just ally up and everyone gets the reward? This would likely happen.

No ghost1. You have to be there on Eton to when it ends to get the reward.
You don’t just get it for being allied.

Allies should get some of the reward.
The event should also be 50% shorter.
And either happen later in the day or have 2 similar events so those working/sleeping when the first one is one can have a go at the other one.

You wouldn’t have larger alliances forming than we already have in effect right now, since no one gets any reward from the event unless they go an participate.
If it makes more people want to come try it all the better.

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Will be great if eton event start 1 h later like now

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I see Admins no need any changes and votes more …

Without @Jascha I can’t do much… I have not his coding skills so patience is the key here…

Jascha implemented the logic for that today. We will test it and beta test it at weekend.
The logic would be:

  • Allys get the same reward as the “main” faction (if online + present on the event planet)
  • Winning Allys get kicked the first time after the “check” but can enter the planet afterwards together with the “main” faction as well
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