EU Drama RED | HWS Rules

Hey @everyone,

so after a lot of fights and a long weekend the start of the week will be quite hard for some guys.

Seven people from the RED faction are banned for 24 hours from now on.

These Seven people got guilty

Everyone from RED lost 20 RP

There are many accusations but if we see videos like this here:

Then there is no excuse. In that timeframe these seven people from RED were around that location so all are in that moment guilty.
The -20 RP for the whole faction is a reminder that everyone should play fair and if you see your teammate doing bad things it means you have to tell him / her to stop.

Please keep this in mind.

RED is a very PvP orientated faction on HWS and while people like to fight against them and see them as competitors everything is cool, as long as rules are met.

As soon as something strange is going on drama is starting and causing a lot of frustration for the “victims”.

Empyrion is an early access game and an alpha game on top. That MEANS that bugs are there, nothing is perfect yet and problems are automatically included. Everyone should know this before even buying such games.

But HWS has the important goal to still grant fair play as humanily and technically possible at all.
That means that even though “shady” play is somehow good to find such problems there is a border players just can’t cross for personal advantage or other players disadvantage.

So please, just play the game in a cool way and don’t cause these unnecassary dramas.
That pew pew you had there would be a lot cooler if you would have particpated in our SV PvP event today. With even 7+ million credits reward… think about it.

That said fly safe everyone, play fair and just have fun guys!

Your HWS Team

P.S.: to prevent the typical hater posts this is locked and just for your information. It’s cool that RED giving competition, they are one of the best PvP builders in the whole Empyrion community and it does not mean everyone is bad there. Everyone plays the game as good as he can. We just help you to not play it “too good”. Thanks


I don’t know why - but after checking that is another violation against our rules.

The cooperation between the two RED players was very good but it was again too much “fun” for them.

I don’t recommend to go this road further RED.

One member is banned for 7 days now
(unless you have good proofs against your behavior)