EU Event! Improved Valley Capture The Flag!



Just the 2 of us


Like with the NA event if you show up, we should be able to find 2 people to join your team and make it 4. :slight_smile:


ok got my team up…
Name : Kabouters
Capt : koolerbox
Team :Hunter


OMFG can someone tell me when is event?


AS of right now - its t-2 hours away. We’ve got 3 teams signed up…

We need more bodies!!!


What if we don’t get more teams on?


We may move it if its unable to proceed due to not enough people… But Monty and i are actively campaigning in EU as we speak :stuck_out_tongue:


sniper ts…minigun…assault rifle…laser rifle


scorp will be joining our team


Added him to your team - Thanks!


The event will be taking place at 6PM GMT (less than 2 hours). We got the message out about the time pretty last minute, usually this will not be the case - the events will follow a set timeline each week. But we wanted to make sure we get an event in for EU like NA had.

In future it’ll alternate, one week NA the next EU - and the times will be fixed.

But if we don’t get enough teams we will postpone by a day or two. We could also alter the game rules to accommodate the lesser number of teams. We will have to see as the time draws closer. :slight_smile:


All members must be in discord?


Up to the team, really – However it is highly reccomended for coordinating your attacks and battle plans.

Ideally, however, the team captains will be in Discord to get directions from @MontyPython and the game wardens as the event progresses.


When the registration will closed? And when and where all members team must be at beginning event?


We;ve got 45 minutes… Woudl like to have all teams present no later than 10-15 min prior to start. If we need to modify game rules to accomodate the small attendance, we need some time to react.


Registrations are closing in a few minutes so if you are interested let us know ASAP, pref. via Discord.


Where it is necessary to arrive to view the event?


Lightworld is where the event is taking place.


event starting in 30min?


Hey Cent - WE have some EU folks cwho’ve created a team and a few that can join yours for 3 teams of 5.

Need to validate everyone will be here