EU Homeworld Playfield over capacity?

Recently the core count on homeworld in the EU server has massively increased, as the latest battleground for the big alliances moves on from Golden Globe. Only to be expected in an active community, however HW differs from GG in terms of existing graphic items - such as a dense covering of critters, water, the layer cake terrain, trees etc.

For me personally this has resulted in such a level of lag/frame rate drop as to be unplayable. Though I do recognise that my PC is probably below the spec of the average HWS player. However as our faction has it’s Admin core bunker on HW, we cannot just up and move on - thus really constraining my personal “in server” time. (fortunately I have a little creative project to be working on!).

> So my question to others in EU HW at the moment, how is the playfield running for you?

(Please , do not reply with posts accusing other factions etc of causing the lag/performance drop etc! I would like to see if the community is generally having a bad experience on EU HW at the moment to - or perhaps it is just me!)

Planet is 1 big lagfest now, and you are right its 10 times worse then gg. I have to be lucky to dont crash on entering planet wich will be continued by max 5 fps even in the early hours when there is like 10 ppl online. As you just said “Unplayable”.

HW it is super lagodrom (lago-airport)

Same for me. I know Rex was applying a few performance tweaks to the playfield recently. Maybe it needs a tweak-hammer approach - maybe even revise structure limits.

Alternatively the community could take action and agree to split the battle over HW and another planet in system such as Desert or Ice.

The difference to GG is obviously

  1. the Bunkers
  2. the deco

While I will improve part 2, removing the flower powers, it will never be as “smooth” as GG because the resources (deposits) you have on Homeworld. Each rock you see in the deposit is an entity. If a planet reaches 1000+ entity it is game over. Even without structures we have already 200-400 entities due deposits etc.

So it has to be a bigger overall for Homeworld.

P.S.: No Bunkers on HWS 8

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Yeah i can be game over for HW if we make that: