EU/NA Server War

Seem we might just have Rex on board for this so let try this again.

Admins will create official factions on each Server.

First lets all agree there can NEVER be a clear winner right? Therefore I make the following suggestions.

(I will use NA as an example and I apologize beforehand if my brutal honesty when pointing out specifics
of the current tactical assessment of NA server offends anyone.)

This is to be just what the name implies. Your servers Homeworld. It’s seat of government and should be
defended at all costs.
NAA will have it’s HQ here. This admin cored BA ensures players defending their server always have a secure
landing zone and spawn point.

This is for player factions that oppose the current power structure. EUA will have a outpost here as it would be
in their best interest to oppose any NA faction they do not control.

CURRENT Rules of Engagement.(If its not a question then its none negotiable for Op4)

1)Should Combat logging constitute a grievance?
2)Should CB destroying constitute a grievance?
3)Should Espionage constitute a grievance?
4)Anything beyond trash talk is a grievance.
(telling you Im a better pilot is trash talk. Telling you im a better pilot because I gangbanged what I thought
was your mom but was some crazy cat lady neighor’s dog and posted it on Xvideos is definatly a grievance
and will get you banned from not just the server war) You might night even get a warning. Should probably
consider counciling and A lawyer. Some of that sounds illegal.
5)New Player Random encounters remain new player encounters.
(Recognized vets should only approach to record and only after declaring neutral in global repeatedly)
(Then get your ass in close we want to get good vids post em get more players into the action.

Grieviences are settled by each servers representatives. Their judgement is final.
Admins got better shit to do.

Representative Selection.
How EU selects its representatives is up to them.
NA however Op4 would like to suggest the following and is willing to back it 100%

Currently Op4 occupies Homeworld the seat of Power for NA and is best able to not only defend
but take the battle to the EU server despite population difference.

Op4 as the lead faction in an existing alliance will have complete military control of all offensive
and defensive tactical decisions. Therefore 1 representative seat. (We select Big Red)

@THEBIGBOSS PKA and Op4 have fought against one another since the trader wars of 5.0
If you guys are interested I think the NA opposition could be ideal as PKA to head up.
GG could be offlimits to hostile action until you guys are set up? PKA selects 1 representative.

Anyone wishing to attain one of the previous mentioned seats must do so by removing the existing
seat holder from the planet.

Now we just need 2 more representatives with a deciding vote cast by a and overall civilian leader.
These should be elected positions.

There is a surface wipe of HW and GG next week. Lets say that starts the war. 24hrs after that?

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Sounds good, Id like to see this take shape, and see how it goes.

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Taking player blueprints without consent a grievance? Assuming we were in the same faction… if this is setup as an greater alliance for each server, then thats different.

In addition, how would bases/cv/hv/sv counts work?

Glad you feel that way. With that being said Op4 would like to nominate @mcprouty as NA Chancellor.
Until elections are held Op4 will put its full military support behind him as interim Chancellor.

Bet no one saw that coming.:sunglasses:

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Not sure how successful this will be without TCH. But good luck to the EU server.

Can I suggest you get a independent News Reporter that can post the events of the day in a forum post. It will be fun to read how the war is going.

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I doubt that we would ever be able to get participants willing to leave their current faction to join one per server. I think the idea here was that the one faction per server at the very least be allied to the fighters on that side, so that an admin cored fallback position would be possible.

as I said and Global I’m going to wait for Rex to go on vacation to recharge his batteries.
hopefully it will get implemented in 7.0
until then I have no further comment.

Well I’m half out of the wars, someone for charity could for who exactly it is, and which server is part of it after 5.0 the new acronyms of many have changed and some are totally gone, something simple, who is with whom.
Factions are:


Rex will start a Faction on both EU and NA servers. Allying with one of these is declaring you have
chosen sides and wish to participate. These factions have no actual members unless Rex decides to
add a bureaucrat origin.

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Guess it doesnt matter with all the BP’s being reset…

Has anyone from NA committed to this?

What do you mean by:

All mine are just fine. In fact, found an easy way to drop most of them by a class or two.

I have found dropping the classes easier this time around

although it does mean my cv has 0 lights lol