EU----NA warp ship not transferd (try multipel times)

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What happened:

Try to warp from EU to NA did all the command and it says ship and player warped. I`m getting kicked go to the NA server do the commands. And i get warped to nothing waited 5-10 minutes. and nothing. try this a couple of time and nothing. (ship stays at EU)

now i logged out becuase my ship is in EU csw and im in csw but cant find it. (used hws connect to get ID and did warp rescue command and i get warped to my ship. atleast the command says im getting moved but i cant find it any where. nor EU as NA

Player(s) with issue:




Time (cb:time):

03.00am cet



Structure Name(s):

Beam me up Alliance X

Structure ID(s):


How can we help you now:

well getting taxted and i cant find my ship. so if the tax could be refunded (when this happens) and if i could get my ship back any how ?


not sure what happend here.
I warped you to your ship, which was not in CSW but on ECC System.
I also returned the tax.

Let me know if anything else is missing.

It looks like Furious Hellfire took that ship to ECC

yea in the beginning we had problems with me having no armor so i could get to my ship etc. But today i try`t it agian and i cant warp again. i even went out of my ship and it says warping me and the ship. but still im alone wiothout ship in the NA server.

But i try again and i cant spawn in NA… the ship is not know in the system either.

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