EU OCD duplicate item

I don’t recall ever adding anything to my OCD on the EU server. Looking at it in HWS Connect I have one item duplicated a hand full of times.
Can you please clear out my OCD on EU server.

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Thanks for reporting the glitch Darth!

@Jascha - FYI

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Didn#t you put it in there yourself with OCD:Put on 14.04. 2:47. Or maybe you moved one stack of Silicon in by accident when you said ocd:put.
Anyhow: You can keep it. Its not much and I dont think it was a glitch.

Well, I guess I did use OCD on EU. Sorry to have wasted your time on the research.
I honestly didn’t remember using OCD, and to save that? Lol
Still confused on how I ended up with 7 slots of it. Oh well, as you said, it isn’t much.

Thank you for your time on this matter