EU to NA cross server - Stuck in NA space while ship still in EU to NA

Greetings, i transfered ingame from EU to NA, server kicked me, i waited few minutes, when i logged back im floating in space in NA to EU system, i can see my ship in the registry still in EU to NA system, the NA server address doesnt show in Multiplayer list, im stuck, can you help me?

My ship ID: 12798024 - CV

EDIT: I found NA server in the multiplayer list, i logged in as i saw in the video about Cross server but im still floating in space, and my ship didn’t cross over from EU to NA, also im freelancer and server spawned me on pirate space, my ship still in EU to NA system, relly need help here before the ship is deleted.

Hey Anderson…

what a weird journey. Normally it should work as you described. Type csw:start, wait till kick, wait after kick, login to other server.

Did you play before on NA?
Was the ship to private, public or faction during the csw jump?
You logged in later to NA and you were instant in Pirate Starter Orbit?

I will secure your ship on EU and warped you in NA to the csw - NA to EU orbit. As soon as you login in NA please type csw:start, wait till the kick and wait a bit before relog to EU.

Then you have your ID properly to EU again and I warp you to your ship.

In the meantime I let Jascha know.


Greetings, i never played on NA before, and yes, was like going into the twilight zone lol

The ship was private, the forst time i logged in NA the game sent a message saying im not allowed to spawn in pirate planet, so it booted me into pirate orbit, ill go into NA now and do cws:start then.

What news about my ship? Its lost forever?

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