EU Trader Looking for Faction

Hi, I am looking for trader faction on EU server, focused on gold mining. I need some support and I offer support as solo game is really bad for me. Today I met FST faction in Black Hole and my ship got destroyed. Hope we can sign a peace treaty to avoid this again.


Dear Old-Magic, please send us Alliance request to avoid this in the future :slight_smile:

@Old-Magic just watch your back. Well known that if your mining gold FST will follow you and 2 of them will mine your gold that you found.

Indeed, there is also a good chance FST will cancel the alliance while you are offline and raid your Base. It’s a trap!

Don’t listen to those two raging people. We have enemies like them that try to make us look like bad guys, but it’s not, ask the traders on Neptune :slight_smile: All guys on traders respect us, we didn’t broke anything in the past but indeed we punished some arrogant pirates here : Neptune - request for IMT

Jack Old UK boy looking for a new home!