Event Proposal - Conquer the planet from Zero

Event planet - Small size (Like Eton)

All players starts in random places scattered around the world (the best is if we can land with the capsule)

OCD disabled

Blueprint disabled

Marketplace disabled

Autominers disabled

All players start with nothing except a survival tool - some food - some meds

One/two hours time

Players must conquer a specifical base/poi before the end of the event

People must mine/do pois for resources and build Sv/hv/ba manually. Elite pvpers building league.

Reward Rp and money.

Can be alternate event to Eton or weekend event.

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Hey @Paxxo1985

sounds familiar to that :wink:

I am working on this for sure!
Just need maybe some assistance from @Jascha / @Hayawen to disallow Marketplace, resource packages, OAM, etc.

It would be cool if someone could build such a POI for me please :slight_smile:

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Should not be so much work on my side.
I could implement a new bool in the Playfield list (even if I don’t like that :wink: ) for such special events. and send that bool also to HWS Connect.

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Whoops, i was missing from some time did not know about that proposal XD

I havent played empyrion for 6 months i am a bit rusty… i see what i can do… but i am very slow atm :rofl:

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I sent you on discord the POI :stuck_out_tongue:

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