New Planet Survive Event


I propose the concept of a new Event for survival:
1 Through a teleport at the beginning of prime time, you find yourself in a random place on the planet
2 planet hard core hard weather tough and lots of mobs
3 Appear naked in the snake
4 The planet has abundant rich snakes and deposits
5 Planet PVP
6 OSD does not work
7 years ago, into space and through the port harp into our galaxy
8 Fully planet and everything on it burns
9 spown not allowed

only hardcore

what u think?

saturday and sanday event

Been working on a planet event like this my self, just want it perfekt before i let rexx take a look :smirk:

My idea is more of a find the way home type event.


Have you ever tried starting as a Prototype? I don’t believe it’s PvP, but all of the other conditions are there…


yes you are describing the prototype origin. give it a shot. i think it will be the droid ur looking for :wink:

The event is implemented and will be available tomorrow!
Thanks for the fun idea :slight_smile:

I hope you will like it