Every season need POI and Ships builder competition

Every season need POI and Ships builder competition. With all server voiting and Price for win.
Every Winner must have Winner Obelist at ECC.

I wholeheartedly agree with every season having a garage ship building event, although you may want to consider lowering the reward if you do that. It just depends on how much work it took the judges and admin. Would they be willing to invest this time every season? Is it worth us asking them to, because if they do this they can’t do other things, causing possible delayed ticket response times, and an inability to work on other projects.

Competition its Always COLL. U hard Work and must get PRISE and ALlknows in hall of fame.

Nah, need to be the negative dude on this. Reason is time, and some sort of continium. But yes, a bit more often would be nice.

Maybe with every major update, that will make a big difference for the ships is good enough, and maybe a poi comp every 2. Season?


im for every “major” update as opposed to season. building is rough and would be missing out on lots of the new features we are suggesting with votes :wink:

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