Everything i farmed today gone and X-7 was deleted

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Everything I farmed today in my CV is gone including what I got thru do:re also my X-7 was deleted for no reason…
Player(s) with issue: Sephroh
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): No Clue
Playfield: Triton
Structure Name(s): X-7 Seph
Structure ID(s): 14559982
How can we help you now: Will you give me back my X-7 and idk how to determine how much I farmed it was a full constructor of ingots and 20k sathium ingots in its output…

So this shout relates to 2 problems and you give me “My CV” to work with. Its hard enough manning support as it is, its doubly difficult when folks dont give you at least a vague clue as to what their prized Ship is called …

I can restore your X-7 but I need your CV details to put it back and to try and establish whats gone on with ur resources.

Neither the name nor the ID is correct.
We can’t help here sorry.

Sorted … was a little out of the ordinary …