Example Survival.xml file

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Is there an example file for the Survival.xml file to use with the CB:Survival command?

I have no idea what syntax to use and my searching did not turn up an example, either in my directory structure or online.

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There should be an example.xml in the Template folder of the tool

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So edit and rename Example.xml to Survival.xml?

Which leads to another question. Is there a list of item IDs and what they equate to?


Exactly, as it says here: http://eah.empyrion-homeworld.net/documentation/flyout-menu/chat-bot

CB:Survival (Full) --> Gives the player a survival kit, once every full-wipe (fresh start in config). You can set in the config how much credits he should get. If you want to give him items instead/additionaly just create a Survival.xml in the template folder and put all the items in there.

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Tried to access the webpage and getting 404 error.

It got moved