Exp 6.6: Roller Coaster of Emotion

So in preparation for the class calculation change I began working on a new ship using some new building tricks I learned. 4 hours later into building I’ve got a good 80% done and I decide to check the class size on the updated calculator (Forgetting about the change in the way triangles are factored when faces are merged.) It was 11. I sighed and left it at that for the day.
Coming back to it the next day I figured I’d download Exp 6.6 on my other PC after reading that some designs, such as some of the garage ships, had gone down in class size. I dared to hope.
Once I booted it up in creative and opened my blueprints, still 11. I figured what the hell, might as well finish it and throw it up on workshop. After a while I saved it again and to my surprise, it was hardly even class 3.
Lesson of the day, save your blueprints in experimental build before counting them out. And I <3 6.6, bigger Cv than before even with lots of whitespace.

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Cool but I don’t quite understand this part. The Calculator should have shown you that it is class 3?! Just wondering if my Tool didn’t work…
Did you check your Class only via the blueprint F2 window and not over the Statistics?

Again: you have to re-save your blueprints to get the correct data displayed in the F2 window. But alternative you can always check the statistics anytime to see the correct data too.

I was originally building it on the regular version, not experimental, so it was giving me the old way of doing the triangle count. It was more or less me being an idiot but I figured it would be worth posting. Just shows that the new triangle system looks deceiving at first from how people are portraying it, but let’s you build bigger in each class if you do it right.

Oops didn’t see your post yea seems I posted something similar, your calculator is fine Rex most people are just using their old triangle count instead of the new lower one.