EXP3 - the last breath before the 6.0 storm :)

Hey @everyone,

and here it goes! Almost one week delay but good things need time for sure! :slight_smile:

That said 6.0 release is very near. (but no exact date yet)

Your HWS Team

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Wow theres a lot in that change-log. I’ve picked out a few interesting ones that might not be so obvious without a full read-through:

Upgraded Unity to 5.6: we are still tweaking the GPU instancing to improve performance for upcoming EXP4 release

Fixed: Many mounted weapons (eg SV Railgun) were able to damage blocks past its effective range.

Fixed: Possible to accidentally spawn in Core Enemy Medic Bay.

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wave after wave of drones attacking my bases. I like it.

Possible Fix: Manned BA artillery. turrets have a higher range than automatic (please test)

Wow wow wow… Have they heard us? 3 months for “possible” fix…

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Huge update. No wonder they are delayed

I did notice EXP4. Did we get a new part added? Does that means we’ve got a couple weeks left most likely? They are averaging 9-13 day sprints here, so can we expect nearly more weeks before exp4 and another week or so baking for that before public? Or maybe Exp 5?

Love the updates – only worried about server pops.

Also. Did they fix being able to assign admin cores to player factions?

I caught that mention of part 4 as well. I’m assuming public release will be 2-4 more weeks now.

Don’t you guys know, we are getting repair to bp for v4 :slight_smile:

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That’d be worth waiting for tho! the coup de gras!

Repair to BP is what’s missing to bring me back to this game. I don’t have time to be neurotic with the multi tool and paint tool. That entire other thread about the scrap service has people mostly worried about putting “player scrappers” out of business which is so far off the mark for things to worry about.

I already built the damn spaceship once don’t make me suffer when trying to play.

When a game has more downtime rebuilding than uptime playing something is broken.

It’s a building game though…
For those who are unaware the current structure of blueprints in empyrion and how they are maintained by the client, Empyrion cannot support repair to blueprint, without a massive restructuring of the game mechanics. BP files are stored locally, and the ships themselves once built have no concept of the bp used to build them. You would have to have some sort of tracking of this first in order to be able to “repair to bp”, and this would eliminate any ability to change the ship after you make it, because then it would not be repaired to the new layout. Not to mention the checks needed to prevent exploity things such as breaking a turret, placing it elsewhere, then repairing to blueprint. Point is, a deconstruct command/bay/multitool turret breakign something down to parts, then putting those parts into a fresh blueprint would appear to be a much more realistic path, and fit the same need. And the mechanics are already in place, we just need better scrapping first.


But there was Topic from Rex, about deconstructing… Need to find it. If that would work - than u could deconstruct and than print again and again.


“Don’t you guys know, we are getting repair to bp for v4 :slight_smile:

That would be lovely! Are you just joking or do you have a source of information?

I agree, I see scrapping a ship as the best closest step to removing the grind of having to repaint and retexture individual blocks after every combat encounter, but it does not look to be a hopeful option with the high cost people are voting for.

There’s something really special about this game that I havent found anywhere else. But the tedium of rebuilding is not it, and in my eyes that should be minimized.

Genuinely curious how is it the game knows exactly what it is when you hit alt O on it.

Its knows what a srtructure is – Something that started with a core, got an ID, hen got added to… You point at it , it gets focus, it ‘sees’ your structure, you win. the “Exactly what it is” part is based on the starter block you used to create the structure. This will set to SV, CV, HV, etc.

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The continuation of this particular aspect, is that it takes and converts that structure’s data into a bp file with alt o. It does not know what blueprints were used to make it, or anything of the sort. It only knows that this is a structure, and the details about its composition. No difference in this between if you built it block by block, or spawned it from another, and blueprinted it. That’s why you see a kind of stutter on alt o sometimes, particularly on large structures, as it creates and saves the file.