Experimental 1.0

Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Here’s the Experimental version for the upcoming v1.0 release. Any feedback is highly appreciated so that we have a smooth release next week - thank you!


2020-07-31: Experimental 1.0 (Build 3042)


  • Terrain textures are compressed again (saves a lot of memory)
  • Updated scenario “Invader vs Defender - Conflict of Cygnus”
  • Neutron star: added accretion disc (only visuals)
  • Marketplace: added check to catch and…

    Experimental 1.0

hmm maybe the in game market could actually be used soon. i can see some interesting PvP scenarios where one can host high priced items at insanely low prices to be a tempting target. yes it is baiting, but both parties should know the risks when venturing this way :wink: