Experimental v1.4

Dear HWS Community @everyone
So why is HWS progressing so slow? What I am doing most of my time? Read below:

The next 1.4 EXP Patch got released:

I think this will be in EXP for some weeks because it needs very good testing and feedback from you!. Please help us, help yourself by going with your friends to the Eleon Official EXP server and do some testing. It is important that you do it there and not your own server, cause Eleon can check the logs for errors better that way. Or send me your logs if you got issues.

:warning: VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ::warning:

• Blast Damage got totally reworked! I could even say that some of “lag shots” were the result of the bad, bugged, partially not working old Blast Damage in the first place.
It is now working on a 0,5 based grid system, like the new Oxygen system. So very detailed and precise. It does not go through a slope window even. (it did before and sometimes further)
It also allows more than 3x3x3 (max. 5x5x5) blast damage radius now. => I have to rework the whole Config regarding that. Please give feedback.

• Performance was also increased by bundling damage together. If 2 rockets did hit your ship, 2 calculations were done right now. It is now summed up and only one package send. Should improve PvP a lot.

• Laser Lagshots got fixed as I announced in the forum already! PLEASE test this very good!
If Patch 1.4 goes well, you maybe don’t have to build those “lagshot” protection anymore. :upside_down:

• Worth mentioning: The bug got fixed where for example Base Turrets did not shoot at covered HV structures! This is a Huge PvP fix to make it more fair and fun. Please test this as well carefully.

• Modding got even nicer. If you want for example specific crosshairs for your weapons please let me know.

• Even more goodies… check them out


adjustable cross hair colors! at the very least a more visible one :wink:


something bigger than the standard X would be nice if possible


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I happily second Bob’s idea. I’ve NEVER liked the current crosshairs & find them nearly invisible in most situations


I tried spending time on the Eleon Experimental v1.4, and had the following problems

  • Started on Temperate Planet - couldn’t access any Survival Constructor Portable I put down.

  • Really hard to find any iron to actually make a portable constructor

  • Used the cb:survival command, which generated an error and gave me no items. Using cb:reset did not reset cb:survival

So I gave up on testing because it was just too difficult to do anything.

never understood why they say they want you to test everything real good! but make you start from nothing so it will take a week to build anything real good. You would think they would say here’s 50k of every ore and level 25, test real good now that you can actually build stuff…

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Just tested all myself.
It worked for me.

With 1.4 the item ID index changed from 2048 to 4096. It affects everything related to items + modding. A serious issue Jascha has to solve, otherwise rip.

1.4 release come with a full wipe?

Can’t see why it would. No galaxy content being added,so no need to.

no @TacoIsland
no in regard of the savegame.

But it will be a hell to convert those 2048 item IDs to 4096…
It might break our features here and there (HWS Marketplace, etc.)
Have to see…