Exploit engineering for all or thank you Eleon again!

Well OK, Eleon breaks the bottom again :roll_eyes: I wanna be short here.
So, you take SV and put mounted weapons from below like this:

And fire to the ground…

Line of fire…


As we say in Russia - its enough for a smart guy.

Flashbacks. It reminds me good old times, when we used that on 5 class CLIPPERs, but for mounted lasers. Even @Politary used that trick when he was not so spoiled. Really missing those nice days without dumb CPU… :roll_eyes:

So, its now working with all mounted weapons except lasers and gatlings.
I have no idea why Eleon turn it on back again. What’s inside their heads? It came with last patch I guess… Breaking the bottom again, yeah.

It’s not since the last patch, it’s been the same since I’ve been playing. A8 or A9. That’s a horrible design tho, place them deep inside your armor and make a 1 block tunnel for them to technically fire straight out of

Nah… It was “fixed” in A9 or A10, thats for sure… So A10-A12 it was clear, cause we need to rebuilt all our vessels. And now it came back… :man_shrugging: Rebuild again :smiley:

I assure you every ship I have ever built since I have been playing this game has had the mounted weapons deep inside the armor with a tunnel to the front and worked perfectly fine. With the exception of lasers, they have to be 1-2 blocks from the front depending on the angle of the armor slope and placed in a way that they won’t hit your own ship or they don’t fire. Not sure on gattling guns, I only use them as bait as they are worthless so I’ll take your word on them being the same as lasers. I have been on hws for 3 seasons and no man’s land for 2 seasons

Don’t wanna argue here for real… :slight_smile:
The fact is now all projectiles fly though you SV/HV/CV and its Eleon style, as always :man_shrugging:

Sounds like my job.

If it makes sense, its unreasonable, costly, how dare you think of horrible ideas, if it works then it is not working correctly, maybe even FIRED??!!

If it doesn’t make sense, that’s OK, we will just throw money at the problem til it goes away or is forgotten.

All depends on who gets the credit, or the blame. I always take the blame, cause it seems they like me being around for some odd reason.