Exposed engines?

I honestly thought the ole exposed engines thing was in the end implemented here, but have just found out it is not, that’s what you get for not playing since A10. What else didn’t get implemented that has in vanilla ? Is the whole flight model stuff active ?

Exposed thrusters aren’t on because they (like many other emp features) drain a serious amount of RAM.
Enabling it would consume more performance which is already an issue now.

Huge galaxies. We tried them last season, even more performance issues, and game was barely even playable.

You mean pilot mode? Yes it’s on. Press P while flying a ship and toggle it on.

i mean like, do thrusters have to be in the ‘right’ place (as in vanilla) exposed or not… i thought the new mechanics required say left and right thrusters to be spread out evenly. I thought that was the reason why RCS’s are no longer used…engine placement…

6 years ago you could duck, minigun was amazing and you were able to shot asteroids… still not implemented for now :frowning: