FA:Scan Feedback

@RexXxuS @Jascha Love the feature, but I was wondering if you could include the “initial” level or amount of cores. I know it takes out some of the logic behind paying attention to core counts and such, but hunting players on Class 5 planets is a huge pain. It’d be nice to know if there are actually any current player structures on the planet before spending a few hours coming the surface.

Hello @Ranzeth
Thanks for the feedback.

Not really possible I’m afraid since tracking all POI cores etc. dynamically would be overkill.
To track only player cores is a question for @Jascha though

Sorry, I should clarify. I mean just have the original or default core value listed in the global scan. So, it would just list Default Core Value: 90, Current Value: 110 or whatever.

What does that mean? What is default?

So, before any players goes there each playfield will have an initial amount of structures before players come to visit it. So it would be whatever the playfields initial values are.

Ah then I understood you and I wrote

Right, but this isn’t something that’s tracked. It’s a set number that never changes so players have a base value to compare against. It would the same as just putting a number into an excel spreadsheet, not tied to any programs or software.

I’ll see what I can do.
but since I use a value the game gives me it might not be that easy. Otherwise I have to go through each playlfield and manually count all structures. not the best.

If you have the core counts from day0 when you first loaded the new Universe then all Ranzeth is asking is to see the delta. Maybe 2 columns - current core count and initial core count. Then you dont have to track whether its a POI or player. Go on Jascha - you know you want to :slight_smile:

A difficulty with this maybe when a POI gets cored as some do.