Facelifted the HWS Commands Page


I hope the new design is more helpful than the old table-mess style.
I made the header collapsibles expandable.

Feedback is always welcome.

#Have Fun!

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Also added CSW and NPC Trader commands

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Dont see the need for the tables to expand horizontally, seems weird the background moving is unsettling. Looks like everything is there now though :smiley:

Some errors/suggestions

cb:info - you copy/pasted and left ‘Pro’ from provides in front of display

am:get:ITEM-amount - isnt the correct syntax am:get:: ?

ocd:put:SLOT - suggest changing to ocd:put:HSLOT to differentiate it from the use of SLOT in the commands above.

Thank you very much! Fixed it.
Oh yeah, made the background image finally static. Wasn’t cool in HWS Connect also x)

What do you mean? Have to look myself in the game too x)

Weird something happened with the smileys I think


Was what it was meant to say :smiley:

Ah yes, now I don’t have to CTRL+F whatever command I forgot anymore ;D