Faction member steelign from faction

Hi, Admin
Please could you help us we have a member who told in global chat that she stole most of our recorses from our base took a cv got away. she thinks she has got away with it. this is what was in my intruder log, she also took everything that was on the cv and put it into her base on adiona.
2016-09-13 - 12:03 LEF TENNENT SMITH 17 Adiona Capital Vessel (CV)
This is the log of when it happend according to my intruder log.
My admins have now left faction and has Joind MAD , as she stole from them. she told COMMANDER RJ about it all in global chat.
plz could you do something about her as i dont want this to happen to anyone else she is hiding in pve sounds like she is a piret!!!
thankyou for your help

Thumbs up for best report i’ve seen! its almost like an riddle.

@andreataff you missing the point that LEF TENNENT SMITH is COMMANDER RJ. Already wondered why he has so many resources.

But it is your job to keep control of your faction and who to let in and who not. There are always people like this out there and even though you wanted to help, always make sure to trust people first before letting them in faction.

All you can do is raid him back or warn others in game. This is a game aspect we can’t babysit also.

okay thankyou for the warning

I thought this was a banable offense?

Rule 2.3. Exactly. After he trolled andrea in global chat.

13.09.2016 20:58:52 COMMANDER RJ you should get server to ban her andrea
13.09.2016 20:59:35 COMMANDER RJ it was a name called lefft tennant smith
13.09.2016 20:59:39 MDa andreadavies822 yea i did report her in forum
13.09.2016 20:59:59 COMMANDER RJ good for you andrea
13.09.2016 21:00:31 COMMANDER RJ not very gamer like usually people help people i suppose she was a secret pirate infiltraTING

And he not even apologized (I waited long enough) there is a 2 days ban for now.

Ah ok. I was under the impression Cop/faction theft was perma-ban.

Depends from case to case. In this case all stolen things / player got cleared. We kind of living the “giving second chance” dream. If he is doing it again he is out forever.

im so sorry guys ill never steal again its just so hard somtimes to collect all the resorses and its no excuse and im sorry . i love this server and hope im not perma band its only place i like to play guys yours sincerly and apologeticly
ronald jackson ( cmdr ryker orion class

well to be honest i thought duping was wen you talk about things on global chat wen u not suppose to but obviously im wrong and really sorry about that. iam a few months in playing online but never came accross the term duping . i just read does it relly mean cheating i have in no way used cheats or cheated i know i robbed thins from someone and very feel bad about that and i apologized prefusly to ther person on steam. i doner a weeks ban and then i logged into play i didnt do anything apart from say i was banned but now im back then i got kicked and band and i knjow this time i didnt do anything i should not have im confident of that kalsius. im a nice guy i have noo intention on making stealing a mistake like before because i love this server and i feel bad for what i did , i did my one weeks ban i dont understand why banned again wen i actually know i didnt steal this time maybe somthing i said im not sure . im just a gamer i love games and i get right into this server i dig i know i amade a misteke and ill be sure ill never do it again, but defo it was not using cheats i wouldnt even know how to use cheats to hack
ronald jackson