Faction Memberlist

Hey out there!

I would be interested who all of you has joined the merchant Faction.

Perhaps It would be interesting who belongs to which Fraction maybe we got a List of all Faction Members?


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CST (Core Squad Traders)

it is me, and the nice american Wheatly =)

We want more members, but do to the restrictions of one CV each planet, we just cant afford it right now… Hope the admins/creators will find a solution for this =) =)

We trade mostly rare objekts.

WhizZLe here, founder of the well known “United Space Traders - UsT”

You need it? We sell it! Just ask for “UsT”. Fair prices and insane sale events for our fellow customers.

:astonished: Look out for our exciting “GRAB & RUN!!!” Sale event.
Crazy offers for realy low prices only for a limited time! :sunglasses:

This forum needs a like button!

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New Texan Traders

tyisthegreatest and Snipedyou777

Trade whatever we can get our hands on. El paso station in PK2 is open for business… when we’re logged, anyway

RAV Industries Trader

Only me, AlexAKM)

Trade everything except rare ores (sprouts, food, devices/parts for BA,CV,SV,HV)

Every evening, u could find me on Prediction (if I’m not farming somewhere else :smiley: )

Gonna make some SV/HV for sale in future (Meanwhile, I need to end my base)

Would help to have all the Traders listed on the top post here, saves people the trouble of scrolling :slight_smile:

Galactic Traders (GaT), mostly focusing on helping noobs and selling finished products (T2 drills, drill charges). We have a free farm on Destiny, feel free to use it to get veggies!

EDIT: GaT hasn’t been on in forever, so now I’m a part of Kiith Somtaaw Traders

ILYM Traders (ILT) checking in!

Owned and operated by Epilogue and Andriss. Come visit our warehouse on NA in Peacekeeper 2!

We specialize in combat needs and mass producing ammunition.

Red Sentinel Trader (RST)

Currently, the only member is myself.

I’d like to be able to provide people with warp fuel services, sundries packages etc.

Treehouse Trader (TRT)

Only open for real life friends, a buddy will join if game is playable enough in next big patch.

Currently waiting to open stores for HWS 4.0 launch.
Our focus will be on selling ingots, fuel and pentaxid.

We also support the economy by buying expensive and selling cheap!

Occasionally we donate stocked up dropships on starter planets like its Christmas. We’re still busy designing our final early-christmas CV, hoping that someday everyone knows what’s up when they see us.

NPC trader plans are in the making, we have yet to design a guest landing pad with store.

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WGT Were Gonna Trader

Specializing in GOLD and making gold planets free of pirates and gold mining sanctions(those swp towers near gold(g1n’s)) because WERE GONNA TRADE.

Talcynar-semi active
Danny7759-semi active
Blackrose-inactive until new patch

Sound more like an alliance guild that grinds gold and buys stuff with it xD


Currently in the recruitment stage of operations, operating from PeaceKeeper1 on and in orbit of Adonia.
Currently serving on the WANTED side of the marketplace, we go after what you need when you need it. We go out of our way to make sure your order is filled for a price of negotiating!